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Excerpts from this Week’s Articles

Winter of Discontent

General election?

15 December 2022 Winter of Discontent General election? By Robert Kilconner 'Good will' be damned; it is the season for striking and one feature of the current disputes which seems to recur is a demand by the unions that they be allowed to speak directly to the politicians. Mike Lynch has asked to speak direct… Continue reading Winter of Discontent

American Bald Eagle in front of flag looking fierce No Business like Politics

Trump fades

15 December 2022 There’s No Business Like Politics by J.R. Thomas We promised a look at the ever-fascinating manoeuvres of The Donald, and here we are.  The good news for Trump haters is that there are increasing signs that the Trump era may be drawing to a close, and what a short era it has… Continue reading No Business like Politics

Goodbye & Good Riddance


15 December 2022 Goodbye and good riddance … maybe by Paul Branch It’s long been thought that the world would be a far better place without one of life’s great useless extravagances: men.  The male of the human species has much to answer for – wars, gender discrimination, football hooliganism, bad jokes, bad taste etc… Continue reading Goodbye & Good Riddance


'The Times' takes a stand

15 December 2022 Anonymity The Times takes a stand. By John Watson The malicious comment, that staple of the aggressive social media user, finds itself under threat for once as The Times announces that in future all comments posted on its site will have to be signed with the real name of the person posting… Continue reading Anonymity

New Definitions

How did we end up here?

15 December 2022 New Definitions ‘How did we end up here?’ By Lynda Goetz ‘How did we end up here?’ asks Harry at one point in his and Meghan’s ‘whingefest’ Netflix series. Well, in his case it would appear to be the result of sibling resentment, an overly ambitious, narcissistic American wife who understands nothing… Continue reading New Definitions

And the Aim is?

Planning strategy

15 December 2022 And the Aim is? Planning Strategy by Lynda Goetz There are two ways of looking at last week’s government backtracking on two major planning issues. One is that it is listening (or perhaps rather being forced to listen) to its backbenchers and the other is that it appears to have no real… Continue reading And the Aim is?

The Shaw Sheet

A Time to Pause

15 December 2022 The Shaw Sheet Time for a Pause from the Editors Today’s will be the last issue of the Shaw Sheet for 2022. We have now been going for about eight years and the time has come for the Board of Shaw Sheet Publications Ltd to give some thought to the future of… Continue reading The Shaw Sheet

The Angel of Beddenham

Christmas Story

15 December 2022 The Angel of Beddenham A Christmas story. By Neil Tidmarsh “It’s all nonsense” said Brian the landlord. “Complete nonsense.” It was Christmas Eve and the small group of regulars who’d already gathered in the bar of the Star Inn were discussing what everyone in the whole village discussed every Christmas Eve –… Continue reading The Angel of Beddenham


A Visual Perspective

15 December 2022 Cartoons by AGGro


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