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Excerpts from this Week’s Articles


Big tent or division?

4 April 2024 Labour Big tent or division? By Robert Kilconner The clock strikes 13 times, the smile is a bit too ready, the assurance that this time it will be different – all warning signs that things are not as good as they seem, that the ice is thinner than you thought and that… Continue reading Labour

American Bald Eagle in front of flag looking fierce A Country for Old Men 

Three of them

4 April 2024 A Country for Old Men by J.R. Thomas One more old man, anyway…  to add to that terrible twosome.  Last time though, we promised an update on the results of Super-Tuesday, thoughtlessly run just as the Shaw Sheet went to press, so first, let’s do that.  It was hardly a shock result. … Continue reading A Country for Old Men 

Conservative Confusion

A matter of trust

4 April 2024 Conservative Confusion A matter of trust. By Lynda Goetz It is not unfair to say that the current Conservative party appears to have no real idea what it stands for. Its supporters, both long-standing and those more recently converted (or at least lending their votes to the party) seem to be deserting… Continue reading Conservative Confusion

Abbott and Hester

Not at all fair

4 April 2024 Abbott and Hester Not at all fair. By John Watson I have no sympathy for the politics of Diane Abbott and nor, I think, do those who run the Labour party. That is presumably why they used the comments she made in a letter she wrote to the Observer as grounds for… Continue reading Abbott and Hester

Who Was George Downing?

Founding fathers

4 April 2024 Who Was George Downing? Founding fathers. By Neil Tidmarsh Exasperated by the lack of talent in today’s Westminster? Tired of the mediocrity and dullness of modern politicians? Bored by the forgone conclusion of the forthcoming general election (whenever that might happen - but do we care – plus ca change etc etc)?… Continue reading Who Was George Downing?

Thumbnail Don Urquhart Red Sky Lenin Cast of Play Red Dawn Diary of a Corbynista

Larry for PM

4 April 2024 Diary of a Corbynista Larry for PM by Don Urquhart 11 March 2024 Listening to the Oscar winners this morning I was astonished at how many of the movies I had seen.  Oppenheimer won 7 awards with Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Junior shoo-ins.  I am a sucker for films about famous… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

When I Get Older….

The contribution of the old

4 April 2024 When I Get Older…. By Paul Branch There’s not a lot to be said for getting old.  Try as I might, the promised benefits and enjoyments of advancing years don’t seem quite so attractive now that Old Age has actually happened.   Freedom from worry was one happy circumstance to look forward to,… Continue reading When I Get Older….

Thumbnail crossword Boffles Sweats it out Crossword

Number 365

4 April 2024 Crossword Number 365 By Boffles Due to technical issues the interactive crossword will follow Click for a printable version of this month's crossword Click for solution to crossword 364 Boffles 2 now available from Amazon at £6.99.Just the thing for spring evenings.


A visual approach

4 April 2024 Cartoons By AGGro


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