Issue 341: 2022 10 06: Cover page

Cover Page, 6 October 2022, Issue 341 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: the chances of a general election and a Labour victory; the midterm elections looming in the USA; the uprising in Iran – what’s different this time; party conferences and enough is enough; mysteries and confusion; plus a crossword from… Continue reading Issue 341: 2022 10 06: Cover page

Starmer by March?

6 October 2022 Starmer by March? Moving odds. By John Watson “This is a listening government”.  What arrant nonsense. It is a government which wholly misjudged the public reaction to its proposal to abolish the top rate of tax and then ran like a frightened rabbit when it saw the animosity it had caused. So… Continue reading Starmer by March?

Hey, What’s Your Name 

Eagle Eyed

6 October 2022 Hey, What’s Your Name   by J.R. Thomas We can’t even say “Well, we’ve all done it”.  Many of us have forgotten the name of a close friend or where we born or where we parked the car, but nobody, almost nobody let’s say, has called out for a friend and colleague to… Continue reading Hey, What’s Your Name 

Uprising in Iran

6 October 2022 Uprising in Iran Revolutionary differences. By Neil Tidmarsh The Bull to the Donkey one day said in jest: “Do you think that your ears or my horns are the best?” The Ass to this sally replied: “Since a child My friends have described me as humble and mild, But if I had… Continue reading Uprising in Iran


06 October 2022 Enoughisenough A Different Game by Don Urquhart On our TV we are immersed in gory bloodbaths.  We are in the middle of two prequels: House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones) and Rings of Power (Lord of the Rings).  You are really spoilt for choice if watching tongues being cut out and… Continue reading Enoughisenough


6 October 2022 Confusion Nothing new. By Robert Kilconner It has certainly been a confusing week in terms of the markets. With the government’s failure to produce a full financial plan making me feel as nervous as everybody else, I decided to have a look at how sterling had moved against the dollar. Well, good… Continue reading Confusion


6 October 2022 Crossword Number 341 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 340 Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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