A Bad Case of Bullying

26 May 2022 A Bad Case of Bullying School turns on girl. By John Watson Nasty things smell and an unpleasant odour arises from last week’s story of a girl who left her private school as a result of bullying because she questioned an outside speaker on transgender issues. There is little to go on… Continue reading A Bad Case of Bullying

Diary of a Corbynista

26 May 2022 Diary of a Corbynista A Madeleine moment by Don Urquhart In Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past a Madeleine was a delicate cake he could dip in his tea to evoke precious memories.  On Any Questions there was a Madeleine in a less than delicate mood.  She spoke for many: How should I… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

‘The Wrong Sort of Black’

26 May 2022 ‘The Wrong Sort of Black’ C of E Woke Illiberalism by Lynda Goetz Calvin Robinson, a right-wing journalist and political commentator, said last year “My race has nothing to do with my politics, nothing to do with my opinions”.  He also said on Twitter that “Being mixed race wasn’t an issue for… Continue reading ‘The Wrong Sort of Black’

The Northern Ireland Protocol

26 May 2022 The Northern Ireland Protocol A US envoy? By John Watson On the surface it all seems very simple. The UK finds that the Northern Irish protocol pulled together to get a withdrawal agreement with the EU doesn’t really work and has put forward an alternative. Brussels refuses to look at the alternative… Continue reading The Northern Ireland Protocol

Immigrants in Kent

26 May 2022 Immigrants in Kent Yanko Goorall’s story. By Neil Tidmarsh Cross-Channel migration might not be front page news any more, but newspapers this week nevertheless reported record numbers of migrants stumbling ashore on the Kent coast near Dover in recent days. You might be familiar with Yanko Goorall’s story. Born and bred in… Continue reading Immigrants in Kent

Calls Being Recorded

26 May 2022 Calls Being Recorded Bonfire of red tape. By Robert Kilconner “This call is being recorded for training purposes”, “this call is being recorded so that we can improve the service we supply to you”. There are various ways of informing the customer that the tapes are on and thus expanding the use… Continue reading Calls Being Recorded


26 May 2022 Crossword Number 326 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 325 Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


26 May 2022 Cartoons By AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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