Issue 178: 2018 11 15: RIP RPI

15 November 2108 RIP RPI Change the inflation measure for everything including gilts. by Frank O’Nomics Is this just another government “cake” event (as in having it and eating it)? The announcement that the inflation index to be used for National Savings products will be changed to CPI from RPI is hardly the stuff of… Continue reading Issue 178: 2018 11 15: RIP RPI

Issue 178: 2018 11 15: Hadestown

15 November 2018 Hadestown The National Theatre reviewed by Adam McCormack Star rating: ***** On any given evening there are some 200 different theatrical productions in London, many of which are worth seeing.  Getting round all is impossible, so why then, having seen Hadestown, have I immediately booked more tickets?  The reason is quite simple… Continue reading Issue 178: 2018 11 15: Hadestown

Issue 178: 2018 11 15: Crossword

08 November 2018 Crossword By Boffles Crossword No 178 Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword   Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword   Click for the solution to crossword, No 177   Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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