Issue 360: 2023 10 05: Issue 360

Cover Page, 5 October 2023, Issue 360 Welcome to our October issue. This month we consider: why does the Scottish government think its citizens aren’t up to jury service?; Austria’s spy problem; the outrage at Sycamore Gap; Corbynista’s month; a bucket list for Sunak and/or Starmer; and the party conference season. Plus of course a… Continue reading Issue 360: 2023 10 05: Issue 360

The Scots

5 October 2023 The Scots Not up to it. By John Watson There used to be a story, perhaps apocryphal, perhaps not, of a country bench sentencing a man convicted of poaching. When the defendant complained that he thought six months was excessive the chairman threw down his pen in exasperation. “Look here, my man,… Continue reading The Scots

The Sixth Man

5 October 2023 The Sixth Man Austria’s spy problem. By Neil Tidmarsh So the alleged mastermind behind a spy-ring apparently operating in the UK for the last three years (five Bulgarian nationals were arrested in February and appeared at Westminster magistrate’s court this week accused of spying for Russia) is an Austrian? Well, that’s no… Continue reading The Sixth Man

Another Old Chestnut

5 October 2023 Another Old Chestnut by J.R. Thomas The world is a troubled spot at the moment; so many horrors, failures, disasters, so much death and destruction.  Whether it be war in Ukraine or the very real danger of Russia imploding into nuclear strife, the inability of the UK economy to overcome its troubles,… Continue reading Another Old Chestnut

Corbynista Rides Again

5 October 2023 Corbynista Rides Again Transports of Delight? by Don Urquhart 10 September 2023 Grant Shapps defends new role as defence sec – but admits he lacks knowledge about Army reports Sky News. You have to assume he is going through an intense learning process. But hang on! Daniel Abed Khalife, the man who… Continue reading Corbynista Rides Again

Sunak and Starmer

5 October 2023 Sunak and Starmer The bucket list. By Robert Kilconner We all have things which we would like to do if only we had the money and governments are no exception. Take HS2 for example, the massive infrastructure project designed to open up the North of England. A fine piece of levelling up… Continue reading Sunak and Starmer

Blowin’ in the Wind

5 October 2023 Blowin’ in the Wind by Paul Branch Another month, another round of Party conferences.  The LibDems seemed to set no one alight with theirs, maybe because they had nothing much new to say, other than let’s get the Tories out.  Next week the Labour Party return to Liverpool for their annual jamboree,… Continue reading Blowin’ in the Wind


5 October 2023 Crossword Number 360 By Boffles Click for this month’s online crossword Click for a printable version of this month’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 359 Boffles 2 now available from Amazon at £6.99.Just the thing for summer afternoons. Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


5 October 2023 Cartoons By AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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