Issue 349: 2022 12 01: Cover page

Cover Page, 1 December 2022, Issue 349 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: the political see-saw between populism and authoritarianism; songs dangerous sung or unsung; the decline of political principles in Westminster; NHS sell-off; leisured potatoes; Cezanne at Tate Modern; plus of course a crossword from Boffles and cartoons from AGGro. Share… Continue reading Issue 349: 2022 12 01: Cover page

The See-Saw

1 December 2022 The See-Saw And the need for new institutions. By John Watson The accession of Rishi Sunak to the office of Prime Minister has one benefit which members of all parties can enjoy. Nowadays if you switch on your television, the news is no longer dominated by the doings of Westminster and you… Continue reading The See-Saw

Dangerous Songs

1 December 2022 Dangerous Songs Singing and silence. By Neil Tidmarsh Promoting his recently published autobiography Surrender; 40 Songs, One Story, U2’s Bono revealed that he and his family have been subjected to death threats from the IRA, far-right US racists and Dublin gangsters. His non-partisan promotion of peace and his refusal to take sides… Continue reading Dangerous Songs

A Matter of Principle

30 November 2022 A Matter of Principle by J.R. Thomas The idea of a politician standing up in the House of Commons, let alone next door in that overcrowded upper chamber full of old duffers and ministerial failures, and referring to, “Mr Speaker, an important matter of principle” is laughable.  Worse than laughable, it would… Continue reading A Matter of Principle

NHS Sell-off

1 December 2022 NHS Sell-off Big Trouble by Don Urquhart We are governed by people who do not believe in public services and are heavily influenced by Tufton Street PR firms, paid by undisclosed people to promote the sale of the NHS to private companies.  It is rare that a BBC political programme goes by… Continue reading NHS Sell-off


1 December 2022 Potatoes Moving to the couch? By Robert Kilconner I had a surprise last week. I will shortly be travelling to New Zealand and, having arranged my Auckland accommodation some months ago, sent a message to check that all was still in order. To my horror I was told that actually they would… Continue reading Potatoes


The Avenue at the Jas de Bouffan c.1874-5 Paul Cezanne 1839-1906 Bequeathed by the Hon. Mrs A.E. Pleydell-Bouverie through the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1968

1 December 2022 Cezanne Tate Modern to 12 March 2023 by William Morton   Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) came from a wealthy family in Aix-en- Provence . While this had its advantages, the drawback was that he had to stay on reasonable terms with his father in order to continue to receive an allowance. While he did resist… Continue reading Cezanne


1 December 2022 Crossword Number 349 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 348 Boffles 2 now available from Amazon at £6.99.Just the thing for autumn & winter evenings. Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


1 December 2022 Cartoons by AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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