Issue 231: 2020 04 30: Wanted

30 April 2020 Wanted Dead or alive? By Neil Tidmarsh On March 27, Alba Maruri, a seventy-four year old woman hospitalised with Covid-19 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, was pronounced dead.  Relatives were informed and a week later they received ashes in a cremation urn.  On April 23, however, her sister had a telephone call from the… Continue reading Issue 231: 2020 04 30: Wanted

Issue 231: 2020 04 30: Boris

30 April 2020 Boris The man for the job? By Robert Kilconner Newspaper columnists should make you think and certainly that was the achievement of whoever it was who recently said that Boris Johnson was the wrong man in the wrong job at the wrong time.  Alas, I have forgotten who they were, or where… Continue reading Issue 231: 2020 04 30: Boris

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