Issue 320: 2022 04 14: Cover page

Cover Page, 14 April 2022, Issue 320 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: misogyny and the Chancellor’s wife; deserving and undeserving – refugees and us?: the latest Covid data; Reagan and Thatcher – a lesson in leadership; reform and reaction in France; Russia and the future; a salute to Sam Waley-Cohen; plus… Continue reading Issue 320: 2022 04 14: Cover page

Where are we now?

14 April 2022 Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Where are we now? by David Chilvers It’s been five weeks since my last article on COVID-19 statistics.  Apologies for the radio silence but after two years of analysing and writing about the data, the pesky little virus finally got me and laid me low for a… Continue reading Where are we now?

Sunak’s Wife

14 April 2022 Sunak’s Wife A matter of misogyny. By John Watson Hypocrisy, tax schemes, the accusations come thick and fast; but before we get too excited about which politician has, or has a wife who has, a tax base which excludes their overseas income because they are not UK domiciled and whether that is… Continue reading Sunak’s Wife

The Refugees We Deserve?

14 April 2022 The Refugees We Deserve? Perhaps. By Lynda Goetz Boris said that ‘people have the right to expect better’.  He was talking of course about his and others’ dismal infraction of his own government’s ridiculous Covid rules. It could apply though to much of what goes on in the name of Government and… Continue reading The Refugees We Deserve?

“Come On! COME ON!”

14 April 2022 “Come On! COME ON!”  by J.R. Thomas So shouted Delia Smith in the most unlikely pitch invasion in modern football.  Delia is not only a famous cook; she is also a football fan and with her husband the majority owner of that ever struggling team, Norwich City.  So no police cordon prevented… Continue reading “Come On! COME ON!”

Macron v Le Pen

14 April 2022 Macron v Le Pen Reformer v reactionary. By Neil Tidmarsh Election results last week were good news for Hungary’s nationalist, populist Viktor Orban and his reactionary, far right, anti-Nato, anti-EU, pro-Putin and Kremlin-friendly Fidesz party. Election results this week were good news for France’s nationalist, populist Marine Le Pen and her reactionary,… Continue reading Macron v Le Pen

Diary of a Corbynista

14 April 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Food Riot Nostalgia by Don Urquhart It is far from unusual for the English rabble to rise up against their masters.  I spotted an example recently in Peter Ackroyd’s biography of Shakespeare.  In 1595 the London theatres were closed because a cost of living crisis led to food… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

Another New Normal

14 April 2022 Another new normal By Paul Branch There was a time when all we had to worry about was life after Covid.  How or whether there would be a return to the good old days of mingling closely and indiscriminately.  Of the daily return to crowded commuter trains and airless offices.  Hugging friends… Continue reading Another New Normal

An Amateur Hero

14 April 2022 An Amateur Hero A toast to Waley-Cohen. By Robert Kilconner We all love an outsider and the 50-1 victory of Noble Yeats in the 174th Grand National has warmed the nation’s hearts. But the best thing of all, in these days of professional sportsmen, was that it should be won by an… Continue reading An Amateur Hero


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