Issue 132: 2017 12 07: Quiz

07 December 2017 Quiz By Boffles Do you know?   What caused Monet and Pissarro to move to England in 1870?   The execution of which Emperor was painted several times by Manet?   Want does it mean if a market is in contango?   In which reality TV show is Boris Johnson’s father currently

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Issue 128:2017 11 09:Quiz(Boffles)

09 September 2017 Quiz by Boffles Do you know? 1. Why was Wagner unable to live in Germany between 1849 and 1862? 2. What were allegedly Bach’s last words? 3. What is a yankee bet? 4. What event in Stalin’s personal life in 1932 is sometimes said to explain his subsequent behaviour? 5. What new

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Issue 120: 2017 09 14: Quiz

14 September 2017 Quiz by Boffles Do you know? To which Pre-Raphaelite painter was Evelyn Waugh related?   Why did The Loom of Youth written by Evelyn’s brother Alec Waugh cause a scandal?   Why did Einstein come to regard a letter he wrote to President Roosevelt in 1939 as the one great mistake of his

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Issue 112: 2017 07 06: Quiz

06 July 2017 Quiz by Boffles   Do you know?   1.With which Rolling Stones was Anita Pallenberg particularly friendly?   Which famous person had previously owned Cotchford Farm where Brian Jones was found dead?   Where did an Athenian naval expedition suffer a major defeat in 413 BC?   Where did the largest tank

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Issue 108: 2017 06 08: Quiz

08 June 2017 Quiz By Boffles   Do you know?   What was the Nazis’ response to the assassination in Prague by SOE agents in 1942 of Reinhard Heydrich, Gestapo chief, Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia and a main architect of the Holocaust?   What did Heydrich’s wife sue the West German Government for

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Issue 104: 2017 05 11: Quiz

11 May 2017 Quiz by Boffles Do you know? About whom did his mother say ‘I don’t know what I shall do with my awkward son Arthur’? From the sale in 2002 of which company did Elon Musk make a fortune? Who is Elon Musk’s electric car company named after? Who captured Constantinople in 1453?

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