Issue 34:2015 12 24:interview Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewlay

24 December 2015 Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley speaks to the Shaw Sheet John Watson discusses the development of Europe’s Islamic Communities with  Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley, Rector of the Muslim Faculty for Advanced Studies When it comes to understanding the sensitivities of the relationship between the British Muslim community and the host population, Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley is

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Issue23:2015 10 08: Retirement now

08 October 2015 Retirement Now by Lynda Goetz In this occasional series, Lynda Goetz talks to people from different backgrounds about what retirement means to them.  This week she talked to retired investment banker, Kevin Rodgers.   As I arrived in front of a classic blue door in a classic Islington row of elegant white

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