Issue 144: 2018 03 08: Macbeth

08 March 2018 Macbeth The National Theatre reviewed by Adam McCormack Star Rating: *** Onto a dystopian dimly lit stage runs a man in fear for his life. Together with the gruesome beheading that follows, this sets the tone for a very bleak production of Macbeth. In an apparently plastic ridden post-apocalyptic world, where armour… Continue reading Issue 144: 2018 03 08: Macbeth

Issue 144: 2018 03 08: Quiz – Answers

08 March 2018 Quiz – Answers By Boffles   1.Sir Peter Lely 2.The wren 3.Iceland and Liechtenstein 4. Hedy Lamarr with her co-inventor, George Antheil 5. President Garfield, shot by a madman in a railway waiting room in 1881   Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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