Turn Again, Starmer

School blackboard with random handdrawn chalk education symbols and the word SCHOOL in the centre in a teaching and learning concept

6 June 2024 Turn Again, Starmer Improving education. By John Watson Some of the least intelligent criticisms of Sir Keir Starmer focus on his changes of tack – the backing down from Labour’s green package, the reversal of their wealth tax proposal and other things besides. What is wrong with the man? Is he a… Continue reading Turn Again, Starmer

What A Liberty 

Eagle Eyed

6 June 2024 What A Liberty   by J.R. Thomas This election was in the boring phase, but an event last week did liven it up. And the candidate for high office really should have known better.  What a fool to suggests such a thing to such an audience. No, not Rishi and his national service… Continue reading What A Liberty 

Wokery in Schools

6 June 2024 Wokery in Schools Lines of delegation. By John Watson Of course it has put the cat among the pigeons. The Government can hardly have hoped that its new guidelines that schools must not teach children that they can change their gender identity and should avoid “explicit” conversations about sex until they reach… Continue reading Wokery in Schools

A Dog’s Dinner

6 June 2024 A Dog’s Dinner by Paul Branch This past week we have had the pleasure of a house guest to brighten our humdrum lives – Timmy the Cairn terrier has been taking a break from his usual family and revelling in his vibrant Cotswolds surroundings.   Timmy is four years old, approaching his prime… Continue reading A Dog’s Dinner

Post Box Politics

6 June 2024 Post Box Politics A tale of two kingdoms. By Neil Tidmarsh This week I’m in Edinburgh and yesterday I visited one of Auld Reekie’s most interesting and significant monuments. No, I didn’t go to Edinburgh Castle at one end of the Royal Mile, or to the Palace of Holyroodhouse or to the… Continue reading Post Box Politics


6 June 2024 Zionism Where it fits in by David Emanuel As the conflict in Gaza continues to send ripples throughout the world the fact that Jewish students in the UK feel unable to go to university because of pro-Palestinian protests uncovers an issue that runs far deeper than a few aggrieved individuals. Targeting Jews… Continue reading Zionism

The Shaw Sheet

6 June 2024 The Shaw Sheet Writers needed By the Editors Three score years and ten is the period allocated by the psalmist and nowadays life expectancy is a little bit longer than that. Still, it is all rather beside the point because the question is not so much how long you live but what… Continue reading The Shaw Sheet


6 June 2024 Crossword Solution to number 366 By Boffles Due to technical issues there is no crossword this week. Click for solution to crossword 366 Boffles 2 now available from Amazon at £6.99.Just the thing for spring evenings. Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


6 June 2024 Cartoons By AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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