Issue 357: 2023 07 06: Cover page

Cover Page, 6 July 2023, Issue 357 Welcome to our July issue. This month we consider: Rishi Sunak’s prospects; Prigozhin in hot water; why Andrew Bailey has to go; the unwelcoming future; Silvio Berlusconi’s long goodbye; welcome back, Corbynista!; and the perils of motoring. Plus of course a crossword from Boffles and cartoons from AGGro.… Continue reading Issue 357: 2023 07 06: Cover page

Sunak’s Sweet Spot

6 July 2023 Sunak’s Sweet Spot Only a beginning. By John Watson Many of us have spent time over the last few weeks listening to the first test matches of the Ashes series and those who have will know that, when a batsman comes in, the commentators discuss his strengths and weaknesses. “Ah, he has… Continue reading Sunak’s Sweet Spot

A Botched ‘Gotterdammerung’

6 July 2023 A Botched Gotterdammerung Prigozhin misreads Wagner’s score. By Neil Tidmarsh On 5th April 1531, a chef was boiled to death at Smithfields, the prime venue for public executions in medieval London. The chef – one Richard Rouse – had been found guilty of murder. He’d tried to poison the Bishop of Rochester… Continue reading A Botched ‘Gotterdammerung’

Sack the Governor!  

6 July 2023 Sack the Governor! by J.R. Thomas A reader of this organ, a distinguished City figure, told me of a visit he once made to, as some rags might put it, a leading City banker. Our man was shown up to the executive floor, and then into the chairman’s outer office, through the… Continue reading Sack the Governor!  

So What Now?

6 July 2023 So What Now? Our restricted future. By Lynda Goetz From a personal point of view, June has been a wonderful month: the weather has been fantastic; the garden has never looked so good; my long term-partner and I had a magical wedding; my first grandchild is due in September; and we have… Continue reading So What Now?

Corbynista Rides Again

6 July 2023 Corbynista Rides Again Sickness and Nonsense by Don Urquhart 3 February 2023 We were visited by young Norman last week.  Like many friends and relations he blames us for the current state of the country because we voted for Brexit.  Norman and I often engage in vigorous political discussions i.e. he shouts… Continue reading Corbynista Rides Again

Exit Stage Right

6 July 2023 Exit Stage Right By Paul Branch With far right populist groups again on the rise across Europe, we bid a fond farewell to possibly the modern daddy of them all, one of the great performers of world politics, a legend in his own lifetime now sadly come to a close.  Silvio Berlusconi… Continue reading Exit Stage Right

Car Traps

6 July 2023 Car Traps And what to do about them. By Robert Kilconner As Ned Ludd could have told you, progress is not always a good thing. In his case, of course, the concern was that the introduction of machinery would cost jobs – a cost borne by those on the supply side. Nowadays,… Continue reading Car Traps


06 July 2023 Crossword Number 357 By Boffles Click for this month’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this month’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 356 Boffles 2 now available from Amazon at £6.99. Just the thing for spring afternoons. Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


6 July 2023 Cartoons By AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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