Issue 261: 2021 01 07: The New Variant

A look at the new variant, first brought to the public’s attention in the UK government’s COVID press briefing on 19 December shows that it is only part of the reason for the recent rise in UK infections.

Issue 261: 2021 01 07: Shogatsu

07 January 2021 Shōgatsu The Japanese New Year in the time of Covid By Richard Pooley Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! is the cheery greeting (literally “congratulations for the dawn of the new year”) you would have heard from friends, neighbours and work colleagues if you had been in Japan for the last few days.  Like everyone… Continue reading Issue 261: 2021 01 07: Shogatsu

Issue 261: 2021 01 07: Protein-Folding

07 January 2021 Protein-Folding and Other Games Demis Hassabis, homo ludens. By Neil Tidmarsh Last month, science put on its Santa-suit and gave humanity a whole sledgeful of early Christmas presents: the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine, the Moderna vaccine – and the secrets of protein-folding. Understanding the mysteries of protein-folding – the three-dimensional shapes… Continue reading Issue 261: 2021 01 07: Protein-Folding

Issue 261: 2021 01 07: Crossword

07 January 2021 Crossword By Boffles Crossword No 261 Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword   Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword   Click for the solution to crossword no. 260     Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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