Issue 130: 2017 11 23: Contents

23 November 2017: Issue 130 The Week’s News A Lens On The Week Comment Sentence First by J R Thomas Dealing with the change in manners. Our Blue Planet by Lynda Goetz Increasing awareness of plastic pollution. Keeping Our Balance by John Watson Sexual predators. Kenya And Zimbabwe by Neil Tidmarsh One president stays in, another president goes out. From

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Issue 129: 2017 11 16: Contents

16 November 2017: Issue 129 The Week’s News A Lens On The Week Comment Taxing For Mr Trump by J R Thomas The president needs a legislative success. Pre-School Brain-Training by Lynda Goetz Brits need to look at other countries. The Tesco Advertisement by John Watson What are immigrants invited to join? A New Peace Initiative For Palestine

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Issue 125: 2017 10 19: Contents

19 October 2017: Issue 125 The week’s news – your chance to catch up: Comment A Hard Brexit by John Watson Why we need the figures. The Quickness Of The Mouth Deceives… by J R Thomas The actions of President Trump. I’m Doing What I Said I’d Do by Richard Pooley Macron’s pledges. The Economic Consequences of Brexit Uncertainty by

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Issue 121: 2017 09 21: Contents

21 September 2017: Issue 121 The week’s news – your chance to catch up: Comment The Accursed by John Watson Child pornography addiction. Crossing The Floor by J R Thomas  A new Mr Trump? Boris Like Marmite by Lynda Goetz A shambles, a clever tactic, or an unacceptable, disloyal attempt at a power grab? Terror And The Internet by

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