Issue 347: 2022 11 17: Cover page

Cover Page, 17 November 2022, Issue 347 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: what’s next for Rishi Sunak; the results of the midterms in the USA; civil disobedience; the looming strikes; politicians in t-shirts; a school reunion after half a century; a surprisingly entertaining neighbourhood meeting; plus of course a crossword from… Continue reading Issue 347: 2022 11 17: Cover page

Moving On

17 November 2022 Moving On Sunak’s path. By John Watson “Everyone will have to pay more,” so said Jeremy Hunt as a spoiler for today’s autumn statement. Everyone, that is the point, albeit with those with broad financial shoulders paying more than others. It is important politically that we, the British tribe, should each look… Continue reading Moving On

A Message In A Mess

17 November 2022 A Message In A Mess  by J.R. Thomas The Midterms have arrived and departed and all the pundits were wrong. Including yours truly.  The predictions were that the Republicans would win a few seats in the Senate (it was never going to be easy; these were seats last contested in 2016 when… Continue reading A Message In A Mess

Civil Disobedience

17 November 2022 Civil Disobedience Gets you interviewed by Don Urquhart Compare and contrast Indigo Rumbelow (Just Stop Oil campaigner) with the Suffragettes.  Trouble is it has been done to death.  The media went to town on her interview with Sky’s Mark Austin.  If you read the gutter press (Telegraph, Mail, Sun, Express) you would… Continue reading Civil Disobedience

Strikes back in fashion?

17 November 2022 Strikes back in fashion? Paul Branch Our nurses are on the brink of the unthinkable – a countrywide strike for more pay, before the end of the year and lasting at least until next Spring, is a distinct possibility.  With the NHS already tottering, again, and the ‘flu season yet to start… Continue reading Strikes back in fashion?

Politicians in T-Shirts

17 November 2022 Politicians in T-Shirts Sergey Lavrov and others. By Neil Tidmarsh Has Sergey Lavrov just broken one of Russia’s most egregious laws in Bali? Will he be arrested when he returns to Moscow from the G20 summit? Mr Lavrov’s presence at the summit for the G20 countries’ leaders isn’t a mystery, even though… Continue reading Politicians in T-Shirts

A Reunion

17 November 2022 A Reunion 50 years on. By Lynda Goetz A few weeks ago, I went to a school reunion. This may not sound like anything out of the ordinary. For all I know, readers may attend such events on a regular basis, although I suspect not.  You, like many others, may have thankfully… Continue reading A Reunion

Traffic Meetings

17 November 2022 Traffic Meetings Rabelaisian occasions. By Chin Chin Just occasionally you miss out on something really worthwhile; you turn down tickets to a play which the critics then say is the performance of a lifetime or you refuse a dinner invitation where the food turns out to have been cooked by Gordon Ramsay.… Continue reading Traffic Meetings


17 November 2022 Crossword Number 347 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 346 Boffles 2 now available from Amazon at £6.99.Just the thing for autumn & winter evenings. Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


17 November 2022 Cartoons By AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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