Issue 331: 2022 06 30: Cover page

Cover Page, 30 June 2022, Issue 331 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: the US constitution, democracy and Roe v Wade; an analysis of the votes in the recent by-elections; striking professionals; nuclear deja-vu; President Macron and the crippled, cuckolded and rejected god; imposters and politicians; the national food chain; plus of… Continue reading Issue 331: 2022 06 30: Cover page

Reversing Roe v Wade

30 June 2022 Reversing Roe v Wade Constitutional constipation. By John Watson In the emotion surrounding the Supreme Court’s reversing of Roe v Wade it is easy to forget what the litigation is all about. Sure, its effect will be that certain states, now free to make their own policy on the issue, will restrict… Continue reading Reversing Roe v Wade

No More Etonians? 

30 June 2022                  No More Etonians? By J.R.Thomas In April 2013 Barbara Bush, matriarch of that great family, was asked by a journalist whether she thought her son Jeb, brother of George W, should run for President in the 2016 election.  She rejected such an idea “…we’ve had enough Bushes” she said.  Jeb ignored his… Continue reading No More Etonians? 

All Out Now!

Voter's hand holding a strike vote ballot, inserting the vote card into the ballot box. Concept image of labor dispute, worker's right and labor union action against employers. Photographed in horizontal format.

30 June 2022 All Out Now! Strikes. By Lynda Goetz It seems that because so many people can now work from home, the support for the RMT Union strikes has increased from 37% to 42%. In other words, because the public have been less affected by railway workers’ strikes than they anticipated, their antipathy to… Continue reading All Out Now!

Time to Blink

30 June 2022 Time to Blink Nuclear déjà vu by Don Urquhart In Shaw Sheet 329 Neil Tidmarsh drew attention to a changing of the guard with Pope Paul, Queen Elizabeth and President Putin all potentially on the verge of drawing back from their leadership roles of various natures and for various reasons. I was… Continue reading Time to Blink

Macron, the Crippled God

30 June 2022 Macron, the Crippled God From Jupiter to Hephaistos. By Neil Tidmarsh President Macron was quick to admit, following the loss of his parliamentary majority in last week’s elections, that he could no longer identify with Jupiter, the distant, aloof, all powerful chief of the gods (the much-derided identification he’d adopted to define… Continue reading Macron, the Crippled God

Borrowed Clothes

30 June 2022 Borrowed Clothes As a political aid. By Robert Kilconner Kenya is a long way away so it is no surprise that their problems are rather different to ours. Still, it was a surprise to read in The Times that one of their problems was impersonation of police officers. No, I don’t mean… Continue reading Borrowed Clothes

Food Glorious Food

30 June 2022 Food Glorious Food By Paul Branch So sang Lionel Bart’s emaciated orphans, having to live with too many other children and not enough food.  Their paean to one of life’s essentials, in such short supply in the Victorian era, makes one wonder what little Oliver’s creator would have made of today’s bloated… Continue reading Food Glorious Food


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