Issue 318: 2022 03 31: Cover page

Cover Page, 24 March 2022, Issue 318 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: the end of fixed-term parliaments; how the brutal lesson Russia is trying to teach its neighbours could backfire in Belarus and Kazakhstan; an old dog bites back in the USA; has the ‘woke’ tide turned?; Putin’s perspective in Ukraine;… Continue reading Issue 318: 2022 03 31: Cover page

Old Dog Bites

Eagle Eyed

31 March 2022 Old Dog Bites         by J.R. Thomas One of the advantages of getting old, a much-underrated state of grace, is that one can behave and say much as one likes.  Behave badly; leave the party early and watch television; go to sleep at the dining table; speak your mind, say what you… Continue reading Old Dog Bites

Belarus and Kazakhstan

31 March 2022 Belarus and Kazakhstan Lessons from Ukraine for Russia’s other neighbours. By Neil Tidmarsh All eyes are focused on Ukraine and what’s happening there right now. But it might be informative (certainly if the war’s possible consequences for Russia in particular and for the region in general are being considered) to look north… Continue reading Belarus and Kazakhstan

Bye Bye

31 March 2022 Bye Bye To fixed-term parliaments. By Robert Kilconner Drowned out by the noise from the war in Ukraine, the Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Act slipped quietly through its remaining Parliamentary stages last week. Broadly it repeals the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 brought in to protect the rights of the Liberal Democrat under the then… Continue reading Bye Bye

Putin’s Perspective

31 March 2022 Putin’s Perspective and where it will lead by David Emanuel The perspective Putin uses Ukraine and Russia’s intertwined history to claim that Ukraine is a part of Russia. That shared history began in 988 when Vladimir I, the Grand Prince of Kyiv, formed the first Slavic State in Kyiv itself. Later, for… Continue reading Putin’s Perspective

High Water Mark?

31 March 2022 High Water Mark? Hopes raised – briefly by Linda Goetz For a couple of days last week my hopes were raised. Firstly the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Ely ruled that the Grinling Gibbons memorial to Tobias Rustat should remain in the chapel of Jesus College – much to the shock… Continue reading High Water Mark?

Diary of a Corbynista

31 March 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Friends and Family by Don Urquhart The Chancellor is standing by us.  He told us that he had taken difficult decisions and there are more ahead.  So far so good. Extensive research among Mr Sunak’s friends and family make clear that we are a long way from the… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

Doing Nothing

31 March 2022 Doing Nothing Has a natural attraction. By John Watson Frank Kelly, FRS, the erstwhile master of Christ’s College, Cambridge, is a mathematician with a difference. As well as holding the post of Professor of the Mathematics of Systems at the University’s Statistical laboratory, he is an engaging speaker who has the gift of… Continue reading Doing Nothing


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