Issue 336: 2022 09 01: Cover page

Cover Page, 1 September 2022, Issue 336 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: diversity in the Tory party’s leadership contest; the upturn in Joe Biden’s prospects; a new city in Saudi’s desert; riding to Banbury (cross!): the joys of youth; student debt relief; women’s triumph in football; plus a crossword from Boffles… Continue reading Issue 336: 2022 09 01: Cover page

The Tory Contest

1 September 2022 The Tory Contest A marker in racial progress. By John Watson We all love a bit of sneering and if we happen to be a newspaper there is money in it too. That is why the media likes to focus on the bad rather than the good. If the Treasury managed to… Continue reading The Tory Contest

Biden Resurgent

Eagle Eyed

1 September 2022 The Remarkable Resurgence of Joe Biden by J.R. Thomas Anybody who writes for public consumption, or utters supposedly informed comment, ought to know better.  “Crisis, what crisis?”  or “It’ll all be over by Christmas” or “Don’t worry, there isn’t a hurricane on the way!”.  Or indeed, your very own correspondent’s cast-iron certainty… Continue reading Biden Resurgent

Lone and Level Sands

1 September 2022 Lone and Level Sands Neom: a tyrant’s dream. By Lynda Goetz Neom. It even sounds like something out of science fiction. A planet? A spaceship perhaps? Actually, it is the name of Muhammed bin Salman’s futuristic city in the desert: futuristic both in the sense of its concepts and the fact that,… Continue reading Lone and Level Sands

Strange Goings On

1 September 2022 Strange Goings On A Chiltern Mystery by Don Urquhart Terrifying dystopia is a successful movie genre and one of my favourites.  Recent Oscar winner Get Out was one of the best in my view.  It begins with a happy couple in a car on the way to a weekend with her family. … Continue reading Strange Goings On

The Joys of Youth

1 September 2022 The Joys of Youth It’s serious. By Neil Tidmarsh The Shaw Sheet regularly stands up for today’s youngsters, lamenting the inequalities, injustices and burdens which trouble them – student debt, an inaccessible property market, toxic social media, etc – in contrast to the golden opportunities enjoyed by us ancients in the dim… Continue reading The Joys of Youth

Student Debt

1 September 2022 Student Debt Joe Biden’s initiative. By Robert Kilconner $330 billion is a lot of money and it is also the price tag on President Biden’s proposal to reduce outstanding student debt. American students typically leave university owing around $25,000 and the proposals involve the write off of much of this. Ex-students earning… Continue reading Student Debt

The Ladies’ Game

1 September 2022 History in the making By Paul Branch I expect many of us privileged to be around in 1966 could name the World Cup winning team without pausing for breath, maybe even the rest of the squad including those who didn’t get a kick, and sadly recall the names of those heroes no… Continue reading The Ladies’ Game


1 September 2022 Crossword Number 336 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 335 Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


1 September 2022 Cartoons By AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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