Issue 313: 2022 02 24: Cover page

Cover Page, 24 February 2022, Issue 313 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: how the EU weighs in the Brexit balance; an entertainment superpower’s presidential elections; the latest Covid-19 data; a plea for more MInsk; the work of Sir Richard Rogers; temptation and transgression; a winter weekend in Bath; and of course… Continue reading Issue 313: 2022 02 24: Cover page

The Brexit Balance

23 February 2022 The Brexit Balance Put the chardonnay away. By Robert Kilconner We are indeed a nation of shopkeepers. The publication of the Government paper “The Benefits of Brexit” has opened a debate in which the financial benefits and losses currently resulting from Brexit are put by commentators in some sort of balance, the… Continue reading The Brexit Balance

Entertainment Superpower

24 February 2022 An Entertainment Superpower South Korea’s presidential election. By Neil Tidmarsh South Korea has well and truly established itself on the world stage as an entertainment superpower. Two years ago it thrilled us with the movie Parasites (best film Oscar 2020); last year it enthralled us with the tv drama series Squid Game… Continue reading Entertainment Superpower

Down with Cases

24 February 2022 Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Down with cases by David Chilvers In his House of Commons statement and press conference on Monday, Boris Johnson removed all domestic legal restrictions on individuals relating to COVID-19.  As from today (Thursday 24th) it is no longer necessary to self-isolate following a positive coronavirus test but… Continue reading Down with Cases

More Minsk needed

24 February 2022 Diary of a Corbynista More Minsk Needed by Don Urquhart Questioning NATO has been regarded as unpatriotic by some – useful for an unfounded smear or two. I listened to Saturday’s Any Answers and was surprised that every single caller wanted to talk about the Ukraine. The prevailing view was that we… Continue reading More Minsk needed

Bunga Bunga

23 February 2022 Bunga Bunga And the Grace of God. By John Watson It is not just a tragedy; more of a fraud really. Food stolen from their mouths, poor lambs. Surely a class action must follow? Of all the rip-offs of recent years nothing pulls on the heartstrings so much as the way in… Continue reading Bunga Bunga

The Gentle Brute

24 February 2022 The Gentle Brute by J.R. Thomas The amusing happenings at the O2 Centre last Friday, as parts of its roof vanished down the Thames, made the Shaw Sheet realise that we had failed to commemorate the passing, on 18th December last year, of that distinguished but controversial figure Richard Rogers, or as… Continue reading The Gentle Brute

Bath in Winter

24 February 2022 Bath in Winter And an exhibition. By Lynda Goetz Bath is undoubtedly a lovely city.  I am not sure though that February is the best time to see it. To be fair, it was certainly no worse than much of the English countryside in the middle of a series of innocuously named… Continue reading Bath in Winter


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