Issue 130:2017 11 23:Letter (Anthony Silver)

23 November 2017 Letter from Mr Anthony Silver The EU divorce Dear Sir It is abundantly obvious  that the EU does not want to have the precedent of a member state leaving,  especially a G7 country that makes a net monetary contribution to the EU budget.  Our vote to exit has therefore started what will… Continue reading Issue 130:2017 11 23:Letter (Anthony Silver)

Issue 128: 2017 11 09: Letter (T Marshall)

09 November 2017 Letter from Mr Timothy Marshall Dear Sirs Jimmy Savile was a pervert and a predatory paedophile. There was no investigation and no attempt was made to stop him by the BBC, the media or the police.  When his activities were eventually revealed, the BBC tried to compensate for past failures and libelled… Continue reading Issue 128: 2017 11 09: Letter (T Marshall)

Issue 104:2017 05 11:Letter (Paul Johnston)

11 May 2015 Letter from Mr Paul Johnston   Sir, Reading JR Thomas’ piece on architects in this week’s Shaw Sheet (Issue 103 “Fading Icons:Modernism”) reminded me of a conversation that I had recently with an architect that my company (a property development company) is currently using on one of its schemes. I introduced him… Continue reading Issue 104:2017 05 11:Letter (Paul Johnston)

Issue 33: 2015 12 17: Letter: Listed Buildings

14th December 2015 The Editor Shaw Sheet Magazine Dear Editor Listed Buildings: Time To Revisit The List? Lynda Goetz’s fascinating article on listed buildings points out the very bizarre principles of current historic and architectural buildings conservation ideology, where ugly or second-rate alterations that Historic England would never for a moment countenance if submitted to… Continue reading Issue 33: 2015 12 17: Letter: Listed Buildings

Issue 20:2015 09 17:letters

17 September 2015 Letter Time is running out in the Middle East Sir John Watson’s article was educational for those of us sketchy about the last days of General Gordon. But I am uncomfortable about the parallels he draws with the current Middle East situation.  Gordon was in the Sudan on British government business and… Continue reading Issue 20:2015 09 17:letters

Issue 16:2015 08 2015:letters

20 August 2015 Letter Mr Corbyn’s priorities Sir Yesterday, as a registered supporter of the Labour Party I received an email outlining the offerings of each of the 4 leadership candidates, and 5 deputy leadership candidates. Here is Jeremy Corbyn’s: We can win in 2020, but only if we spend the next five years building… Continue reading Issue 16:2015 08 2015:letters

Issue 14: 2015 08 06:letters

6 August 2015 Letter Labour leadership I think JR Thomas in Issue 13 might be underestimating the appeal and therefore the chances of Jeremy Corbyn.  I write as a lifelong Lefty who has not voted Labour for many years, preferring the policies of the Green Party.  I have registered as a Labour Party supporter only… Continue reading Issue 14: 2015 08 06:letters

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