Cover Page, 28 May 2020, Issue 235

Welcome to our latest edition.  We hope you enjoy its articles, features and puzzles.

This issue introduces a new longer type of occasional article called FORUM intended to enable a number of different writers to make a brief comment about a single topical theme. This week’s FORUM article discusses aspects of the “New Normal”.

The Shaw Sheet would like to introduce new writers either on an occasional or regular basis.  So have you got some spare time at the moment?  If so contact the editors at for the writers’ guidelines.



Bin the Scots?
Twittering is for Birds
is not Syria.
Huge is harmful
Costs of Saving
Corona statistics
Child Scare Special
What does it mean?
Bye, Bye, Cummings?
Opportunities for transformation
Week 10 in Cumbria
The Stuarts
Books and Films
For lockdown
No 235
A Visual Perspective



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