Cover Page, 19 December 2019, Issue 228

After this issue, the Shaw Sheet will take a break over Christmas.  We will return later in the new year.

As those of you who are “slick at arithmetic” will have realised, the fact that we are now at issue 228 means that the Shaw Sheet has been running for more than four and a half years.  For much of that time we have been publishing against a background of government paralysis as successive prime ministers have wrestled with the parliamentary arithmetic of Brexit.  The sudden twists and turns have fitted well with a system under which articles are on the site for a week.

Things have moved on and we must move with them.  There is now a new government and the Shaw Sheet will be joining the debate as its policies evolve.  Hopefully that will mean including some longer, more specialist, articles, and utilising a larger pool of authors, many of them only contributing on their specialist subjects.  Articles of this type should stay on the site for longer and, although we will retain a weekly publication date, many will be retained for several issues. We intend to relaunch in spring 2020 with a new formula.

The key to success here is the pool of authors so if you would like to write for us either generally or occasionally or on your specialist area, please contact John Watson (

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at the Shaw Sheet.



Focus on the news
Who is Boris?
Corbyn's achievements.
Do the LibDems have a future?
Beat the vultures
What's that?
Looking on the bright side
Just what she wanted
No. 228
A visual perspective



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