Cover Page, 7 December, Issue 362

Welcome to our December issue.

This month we consider: oh no, is the mic on?; Kamala Harris; proportional representation (a cautionary tale from New Zealand); Corbynista’s week; a season of goodwill; the return of David Cameron; Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon’; ‘Covenant’ by Danny Kruger; three letters about Israel and Hamas; a Christmas short story; plus of course a crossword from Boffles and cartoons from AGGro.

We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ll be taking our usual winter break in January, so our next issue will be published on Thursday 8 February.

Probably a lovely town
A talent ignored?
And proportional representation
One man's terrorist
Christian, Jew, Arab
Cameron redux
Ridley Scott's film
Danny Kruger
A Christmas Tale
War in Israel and Gaza
War in Israel and Gaza
War in Israel and Gaza
No 362
A Visual Perspective

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