Issue 315: 2022 03 10: Cover page

Cover Page, 10 March 2022, Issue 315 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider the history of Ukraine, celebrate its president and check the Vatican’s stance; closer to home we inspect the Church’s dilemma, the development of Covid in the UK and public service reforms;  the Shawsheet’s role in informing you is laid… Continue reading Issue 315: 2022 03 10: Cover page

The Putin Conundrum

10 March 2022 The Putin Conundrum By Paul Branch What to do about Putin, short of just giving him everything he’s currently asking for?  Other solutions appear obvious but probably wouldn’t work very well.  Where’s a UN peacekeeping force when you need one?  And why doesn’t someone invite Russia to join NATO?  More plausible but… Continue reading The Putin Conundrum

Zombie Nation No More?

10 March 2022 Zombie Nation No More? Russia’s home front. By Neil Tidmarsh An article in The Times last Saturday announced a new food movement – ‘invasivorism’ – eating invasive plants and animals. A conservation biologist in the USA has set up a new resource called ‘Eat the Invaders’; a teacher and cookbook author in… Continue reading Zombie Nation No More?

Public Service Reforms

10 March 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Public Service Reforms by Don Urquhart   Under the tenure of Jeremy Hunt the Health Service went into reorganisation mode.  Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) would administer budgets.  Local people would be consulted about how it would all work.  So in 2013 I went to a meeting and was… Continue reading Public Service Reforms

The Empty House

10 March 2022 The Empty House  by J.R. Thomas It is well known in English polite circles, and no doubt in Scottish and Welsh ones too, that on no account should conversation at dinner venture onto the subjects of politics, sex, and religion.  (Exclusions are allowed for conversation and in particular, jokes, that manage to… Continue reading The Empty House

The Point of Us

10 March 2022 The Point of Us Perhaps. By Lynda Goetz For the last few weeks we have seen a real return to ‘old-fashioned’ journalism, to a world of war correspondents, reports from the front line and expert commentary from those with inside or specialist knowledge. The public are looking for immediate updates, the latest… Continue reading The Point of Us

All Quiet on the Covid front

10 March 2022 Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus All quiet on the COVID front by David Chilvers Over the last two weeks, since my last article, the war in Ukraine has understandably become the focus of the media.  The events unfolding there are indeed tragic and the free press has undertaken an amazing task, at… Continue reading All Quiet on the Covid front

Sucking the Oxygen

10 March 2022 Sucking the Oxygen And facing the aftermath. By Robert Kilconner The theory that by sucking up all available oxygen a fire can stifle those near to it probably belongs to science fiction. Yes, there are plenty of ways in which a fire can kill you but the creation of a vacuum is… Continue reading Sucking the Oxygen


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