Issue 330: 2022 06 23: Cover page

Cover Page, 23 June 2022, Issue 330 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: the government’s ethics adviser (what’s the point?); the horrible history of ethics advisers and advised; the rail strikes (Labour and the RMT can’t both be right); the Tiverton and Honiton by-election; Corbynista takes us inside a communal kitchen in… Continue reading Issue 330: 2022 06 23: Cover page

Bye-Bye Ethics Adviser

23 June 2022 Bye-Bye Ethics Adviser Quite enough of that. By John Watson If the words “ethics adviser” don’t make you cringe there really is something wrong with you. The mere existence of such a post indicates that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, even if for this analogy to work we have… Continue reading Bye-Bye Ethics Adviser

Where’s Tiverton?

23 June 2022 Where’s Tiverton? A Devon by-election. By Lynda Goetz As one of those who signed up to the Conservative Party to be able to vote Boris in to ‘Get Brexit Done’, I am now one of those who is totally disillusioned with the brand of Conservatism we are being served up. I am… Continue reading Where’s Tiverton?

COVID update

23 June 2022 Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus COVID update by David Chilvers We have not looked at COVID statistics since early May and you might be forgiven for thinking that the disease had vanished off the face of the earth.  This is partly due to media concentration on other stories – the war in… Continue reading COVID update

Rail Strikes

23 June 2022 Rail Strikes The only way through. By Robert Kilconner Riding two horses at once maybe fun but there are risks, particularly if they go off in different directions. Listen to Mr Lynch of the RMT on the subject of the rail strikes: “What we’ve come to understand is the dead hand of… Continue reading Rail Strikes

Ethics and Advice

23 June 2022 Ethics and Advice A brief history. By Neil Tidmarsh Well, it could have been worse for Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. And for Lord Geidt, too. After all, it rarely ends happily for the adviser or the advised where ethics are concerned. Take that other Alexander, for example; Alexander the Great, who… Continue reading Ethics and Advice

Even a Kind Word

23 June 2022 Even a Kind Word Helping Kharkiv by Don Urquhart It is the classic problem of wars in distant lands.  If you do not wish to be a combatant how do you help?  In the case of the Russia/Ukraine conflict our government has elected to help by providing weapons and by housing refugees… Continue reading Even a Kind Word

In the Beginning

23 June 2022 In the Beginning by J.R. Thomas It is symptomatic of our age.  Cliveden, that stately palace perched above the Thames just north of Maidenhead, is now a five star hotel; any pleb can partake of the famed hospitality – afternoon tea for a mere £45, anybody?  Sorry, “from £45”; perhaps scones and… Continue reading In the Beginning

Nuance, Debate and Retrievers

23 June 2022 Nuance, Debate and Retrievers Different Strokes by Mike Hampson We have two dogs in our home, a golden Labrador and a Retriever. Both are good natured, gentle and easy to look after but the Labrador spends much of her time looking for something to eat, even just after she has been fed;… Continue reading Nuance, Debate and Retrievers


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