Issue 323: 2022 05 05: Cover page

Cover Page, 5 May 2022, Issue 323 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: abusing the Russians won’t help to end the war; Biden, Roe vs Wade and that Supreme Court leak; the latest Covid data; Corbynista’s view on the Rwanda proposal; “against stupidity the gods themselves strive in vain”; direct debits; Henri… Continue reading Issue 323: 2022 05 05: Cover page

Abusing the Russians

05 May 2022 Abusing the Russians Time to shut up. By John Watson In need of a little political guidance? Try one of the great philosophers, Paine or Marx, Hayek or Burke, people they talk about if you read PPE at Oxford. Hmm, maybe a bit academic for practical advice. Perhaps then a glance at… Continue reading Abusing the Russians

Every Dark Cloud

5 May 2022 Every Dark Cloud by J.R. Thomas A month ago, a week ago, President Biden must have been thinking things really could not get much worse.  And low and behold, he seems to be right.  Out of a potential major embarrassment, suddenly a silver ray of sunshine lit the dark skies over the… Continue reading Every Dark Cloud

Spreading the Net

5 May 2022 Spreading the Net Lies, damned lies and coronavirus. By David Chilvers We have been reporting on COVID statistics for nearly two years now.  During this time, the quality and breadth of data regarding COVID-19 improved significantly until a point a few weeks ago when things went into reverse.  The introduction of a… Continue reading Spreading the Net

A Moral

5 May 2022 Diary of a Corbynista A Moral Vacuum by Don Urquhart The Prime Minister and Home Secretary claimed that the Rwanda proposal would save countless lives from human trafficking.  It does not look likely given that Rwanda’s capacity for processing asylum seekers is only 500 per year.  It seems that keen-eyed civil servants… Continue reading A Moral


5 May 2022 Moscow4 “…the gods themselves…” By Neil Tidmarsh Alexei Navalny and his anti-corruption, pro-democracy activists insist that Russia’s security and intelligence services are institutionally stupid. He even has a term for this stupidity: “Moscow4”. The documentary film Navalny (a must-see, available on the BBC iPlayer) supplies ample evidence to support that claim. And… Continue reading Moscow4

Help Yourself

5 May 2022 Help Yourself by J.R. Thomas At long last, a single trumpet has sounded.  A still small voice has cried out.  A flag of defiance, modest yet proud, has been raised.  Don’t get too excited, the battle is just beginning, but that a government minister, and a rising star at that, should take… Continue reading Help Yourself

A Female Henry IV

05 May 2022 A Female Henry IV Choosing a PM. By Robert Kilconner All hail to M Macron for his victory in the presidential election but, as we are beginning to see, he has a difficult job in front of him. Stop the French rioting? No easy matter. Rioting is to the culture of France… Continue reading A Female Henry IV


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