Issue 312: 2022 02 17: Cover page

Cover Page, 17 February 2022, Issue 312 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: Sadiq Khan and Cressida Dick’s defenestration; Boris Johnson and a spirit of forgiveness; the government’s mixed messages about freedom of speech; dictators’ flowers and statues; a thoughtful approach to antivaxxers; a search for Brexit’s benefits; a Corbynista’s week; and… Continue reading Issue 312: 2022 02 17: Cover page

Squeaky Khan

17 February 2022 Squeaky Khan Keeps away from trouble. By John Watson It is the hallmark of good managers that when those who they appoint are struggling they give support and help rather than seeking to keep clear of the blame by distancing themselves and adding to the chorus of criticism. It is for that… Continue reading Squeaky Khan

Save Our Boris

17 February 2022 Save Our Boris by J.R. Thomas There’s a good rule in life; when you find almost everybody is of one mind, in complete accord, with practically no dissenters, go for a long walk and think it all through again.  And if you come back from your trek, with doubts now perhaps dancing… Continue reading Save Our Boris

Mixed Messages

17 February 2022 Mixed Messages Where does this government really stand on free speech? By Lynda Goetz This week, the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Oliver Dowden, gave a speech to the Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington DC which he obviously felt was sufficiently significant and timely that it was circulated to members of… Continue reading Mixed Messages

Diary of a Corbynista

17 February 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Child Protection Proposals by Don Urquhart 10 to 16 February Corbynista in Shaw Sheet 311 covered Child Protection and inspired plenty of strong feelings. Who’s on the right track? Greek Chic: Focussed public funding could make a difference here.  To reduce infanticide I think reinstating funding for health… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

Dogs, Horses, Flowers

17 February 2022 Dogs, Horses, Flowers Turkmenistan, North Korea. By Neil Tidmarsh Only two countries appear to have escaped Covid-19. Not a single case of the coronavirus has been recorded in North Korea or Turkmenistan. (There have been unofficial reports of a mysterious health-care crisis in the hospitals in Turkmenistan, but there must be some… Continue reading Dogs, Horses, Flowers

Replying to the Anti-Vaxxers

17 February 2022 Replying to the Anti-Vaxxers A question of argument. By Robert Kilconner “Canadian backwoodsmen… What do you expect… False news eggs them on… Numbers speak for themselves… What numbers? Well I don’t know exactly but I have a friend in the NHS and they say… Right wingers of course… Mainly Trump supporters… My… Continue reading Replying to the Anti-Vaxxers

Is that it?

17 February 2022 Is that it? By Paul Branch It’s a year now since we formally left the EU, and two years since the UK and EU signed the withdrawal and trade agreement.  Boris Johnson certainly did get Brexit done to fulfil the democratic wish of the electorate, and all that remains is for us… Continue reading Is that it?


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