Issue 311: 2022 02 10: Cover page

Cover Page, 10 February 2022, Issue 311 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: the Independent Office for Police Conduct enquiry on Charing Cross Station, and how recruitment reforms could combat canteen culture: how a telegram from 1870 sent Macron to Moscow in 2022; the latest Covid data; change in the countryside (i)… Continue reading Issue 311: 2022 02 10: Cover page

Lesson from Charing Cross

10 February 2022 Lesson from Charing Cross The shape of the police. By John Watson “Bullying and aggressive behaviour; ‘banter’ used to excuse oppressive and offensive behaviours; discrimination; toxic masculinity, misogyny and sexual harassment;” all were found by the Independent Office for Police Conduct in its enquiries centring on events at the Charing Cross Station… Continue reading Lesson from Charing Cross

The Ems Telegram

10 February 2022 The Ems Telegram What really sent Macron to Moscow. By Neil Tidmarsh The following two paragraphs appeared today in a number of US and British newspapers reporting on-line about Macron’s diplomatic efforts in Moscow and Kiev: Macron said Putin “set a collective trap” by initiating the exchange of documents with the US.… Continue reading The Ems Telegram

Data Issues

10 February 2022 Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Data issues by David Chilvers This column was originally set up to point out flaws in COVID-19 statistics and when the data improved our focus changed to pulling out key insights.  The improvement in the quantity and quality of data has improved markedly since March 2020 and… Continue reading Data Issues

The French Lead

10 February 2022 The French Lead Following Macron. By Robert Kilconner I cannot be certain whether President Macron reads the Shaw Sheet but he probably does. Perhaps his aides summarise it for him on a Thursday morning or peut-etre he reads it in bed in the Elysee stifling his national resentment in his admiration for… Continue reading The French Lead

Steel Yourselves

10 February 2022 Steel Yourselves     See you next year? by J.R.Thomas It is that time of year known in some country circles  as “The Holidays”.  This may seem an unlikely appellation, especially for non-skiers, and it goes on for an unlikely length of time, until 12th August in fact, when everything comes back to life. … Continue reading Steel Yourselves

Country Style

10 February 2022 Country Style Stiles: good or bad? By Lynda Goetz It is now two years since my partner’s beloved deerhound died.  He was just over nine years-old, which is about the average lifespan for these large dogs. He was a very handsome beast with a lovely gentle temperament that is characteristic of the… Continue reading Country Style

Diary of a Corbynista

10 February 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Caring about children by Don Urquhart Reading Corbynista 2 weeks ago a reader was unimpressed: Spend 5% of the time and effort spent into b/s political investigations on spotting and resolving the root cause of child neglect and abuse and maybe the number of defenceless lives lost would… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

Is This The Way?

10 February 2022 Is this the way to do it? By Paul Branch They say nature abhors a vacuum and will do anything to fill it.  Likewise with a breakdown in communications:  someone will step in to fill the gap, but usually to their own benefit.  We have a couple of glaring examples here and… Continue reading Is This The Way?


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