Issue 275: 2021 04 15: Cover page

Cover Page, 15 April 2021, Issue 275 Welcome to our latest edition.  This week we consider: Janet Yellen’s proposed international minimum corporate tax rate; big beasts in the USA; the latest Covid-19 statistics; a week of self-justification; the EU’s Sofagate in Ankara; post-lockdown shopping; the disadvantaged HUWN; a Corbynista’s week; and of course a crossword… Continue reading Issue 275: 2021 04 15: Cover page

Issue 275: 2021 04 15: Sofagate

15 April 2021 Sofagate Three presidents, two chairs. By Neil Tidmarsh A game and a spat worthy of a kid’s birthday party gone sour.  Poor Ursula von der Leyen.  The president of the EU Commission didn’t stand a chance in this bout of musical chairs sprung upon her in Ankara.  Her two competitors – president… Continue reading Issue 275: 2021 04 15: Sofagate

Issue 275: 2021 04 15: HUWN

15 April 2021 HUWN A new minority. By Robert Kilconner Scene: A recruitment consultant offices. Consultant: Good morning, Mr Binks.  I understand you want our advice on where to apply for a job.  Let’s have a look at your CV.  Hmm, it seems to be full of spelling and grammatical mistakes.  I think you should… Continue reading Issue 275: 2021 04 15: HUWN

Issue 275: 2021 04 15: Crossword

15 April 2021 Crossword By Boffles Crossword No 275 Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword   Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword   Click for the solution to crossword no. 274     Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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