Issue 337: 2022 09 08: Cover page

Cover Page, 8 September 2022, Issue 337 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: ex-prime minister Johnson and life after number 10; why sky-high energy prices might not survive the winter; prospects for the Labour Party Conference; speaking out for the older generation; the perils of eavesdropping (no, sorry, I mean ‘unavoidable overhearing’);… Continue reading Issue 337: 2022 09 08: Cover page

Exploiting Mr Johnson

8 September 2022 Exploiting Mr Johnson A plan. By John Watson Such is the lamentable state of the British education system, both public and private, that even among Shaw Sheet readers there are some who do not understand why people refer to ‘a curate’s egg’. Perhaps then a short explanation would be in order. There… Continue reading Exploiting Mr Johnson

“If Winter Comes

8 September 2022 “If Winter Comes can spring be far behind?” By Neil Tidmarsh Everyone agrees that it’s going to be a tough winter. Spiralling inflation. Rocketing energy prices. Economic recession. Strikes. Protests. All while those responsible for this misery – Putin, the Kremlin and the Russian army – may well be sighing with relief… Continue reading “If Winter Comes

Lest We Forget

08 September 2022 Lest We Forget By J.R. Thomas Politics is a cruel game and those who lose office are oft quickly forgotten.  There is a famous photograph of Harold MacMillan, a year or so out of office from a premiership that had lasted over seven years, sitting on a tube train looking mournfully out… Continue reading Lest We Forget

Labour Conference

8 September 2022 Labour Conference Excitement Mounts by Don Urquhart The Labour Party Conference will be in Liverpool from September 25th to 28th.  Why should anyone care? It is a depressing time for those of us with a social democrat agenda.  We will only vote Labour if Starmer and the rest apologise fulsomely to Jeremy… Continue reading Labour Conference

The Older Generation

8 September 2022 What did the older generation ever do for us? by Paul Branch A new dawn, a new day, a new Prime Minister.   With all manner of support being promised to all and sundry by young Liz, there is the expectation she will start a new form of levelling up process for our… Continue reading The Older Generation

Go Boil Your Keys

8 September 2022 Go Boil Your Keys Listening in. By Robert Kilconner Messages arrive in all sorts of different ways. If you were Moses, for example, they arrived on tablets of stone; if Elijah, in a still small voice of calm. By the time we get to St Paul, it had become slightly less theatrical… Continue reading Go Boil Your Keys


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