Moving On

24 March 2022 Moving On How to do it. By John Watson A column of armour miles long heads towards Kiev. Most of us, readers and commentators alike, thought it irresistible. It has not proved to be quite as simple as that. How many of us watched the build up of forces before Russia attacked… Continue reading Moving On

Autonomy or Independence

24 March 2022 Autonomy or Independence Corsica, Catalonia, Western Sahara By Neil Tidmarsh Sovereignty, freedom, independence… These troublesome and (often literally) incendiary words were difficult to avoid in this week’s headlines, even where Ukraine wasn’t the subject. Should the island of Corsica be independent from France? Should Catalonia be independent from Spain? Should the Western… Continue reading Autonomy or Independence

Future Food

24 March 2022 Future Food Secure, sustainable sustenance. By Lynda Goetz According to Gus Carter in The Spectator edition of 11th March, offal is making a comeback, as macho men are influenced by a social media trend promoting its benefits for alpha males… and females.  This does seem rather surprising at a time when animal… Continue reading Future Food

Fire and Rehire

24 March 2022 Fire and Rehire P&O By Robert Kilconner No one likes to see people losing their jobs so there is widespread sympathy for those sacked by P&O ferries last week. Ministers have been outraged. Business leaders declare Britain disgraced and the press sell copy. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Articles about lifelong loyalty… Continue reading Fire and Rehire

Stand by Me

24 March 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Stand by Me by Don Urquhart The other day a BBC reporter asked Harlow MP Robert Halfon about the measures we might see in Sunak’s budget statement on Wednesday 23rd March.  Would he for example cancel the 2.1% National Insurance hike?  The MP considered this unlikely on the… Continue reading Stand by Me

Lessons learnt

24 March 2022 Lessons learnt By Paul Branch We learn from experience, or so it’s said.  This usually involves getting it wrong before you get it right, or looking at how others have tackled a similar issue.  Boris has been justifiably quick to point out that the way the West cosied up to Russia and… Continue reading Lessons learnt

Old Dog, New Tricks

24 March 2022 Old Dog, New Tricks by J.R. Thomas It is true what they say about the British.  To stir things up you have to be controversial about dogs; that really gets the fingers tapping on keyboards.  It certainly did about last week’s piece, on The Power of The Dog – and that only… Continue reading Old Dog, New Tricks

Surrealism Beyond Borders

24 March 2022 Surrealism Beyond Borders Tate Modern (24 Feb – 29 Aug) By William Morton Surrealism at its simplest can be described as picturing together objects not associated in the rational world with a view to triggering a different view of things and bring out the role of the sub-conscious. André Breton, the French… Continue reading Surrealism Beyond Borders


24 March 2022 Crossword Number 317 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 316 Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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