Issue 314: 2022 03 03: Cover page

Cover Page, 3 March 2022, Issue 314 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: Biden and Trump and skeletons in their cupboards; is Putin’s regime ready to implode?; Ukraine’s complex history; sleepless nights worrying about dictators; British Airways and IT; a brave new world; a Corbynista’s week; and of course a crossword from… Continue reading Issue 314: 2022 03 03: Cover page

Biden His Time?

3 March 2022 Biden His Time? State of the nation. By J R Thomas Events in eastern Europe contain elements of embarrassment for both US Presidents: the one in occupation of the White House who has a closer identification with Ukraine than he may feel entirely comfortable with; and the rightful US President in Florida… Continue reading Biden His Time?

It’s Looking Bad For Vlad

3 March 2022 It’s Looking Bad For Vlad A regime ready to implode? By Neil Tidmarsh How many battles has Vladimir Putin lost this week? Let’s count them: (1) The political battle. A resort to violence is often a sign of defeat elsewhere. By launching open war, Putin has acknowledged that his attempt to politically… Continue reading It’s Looking Bad For Vlad


3 March 2022 Ukraine A complex history. By Lynda Goetz The invasion of Ukraine by Russia last week came as a shock, but not exactly as a surprise. How we got to this point has been the subject of serious analysis all week. The courage, bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian people and its leaders… Continue reading Ukraine

Diary of a Corbynista

3 March 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Sleepwalking to Disaster by Don Urquhart We are dealing with an irrational fantasist who does not care who suffers as long as he clings to power! But he has come under attack. It is Tuesday and Prime Minister Johnson is inflicting himself on Poles and Estonians. Meanwhile the… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

The Dictator’s Dilemma

3 March 2022 The Dictator’s Dilemma Transfers of power. By John Watson We all know that public opinion is a changeable thing and fluctuates to and fro but the issues around how the disaster in the Ukraine could have been avoided are so difficult that as the invasion became imminent the views of a single… Continue reading The Dictator’s Dilemma


3 March 2022 BA Holidaymakers left behind. By Robert Kilconner Check in systems, stand planning, flight management systems, cabin crew allocation, all messed up by computer system failures. Add in planes being in the wrong place because of the storms and BA seems to have wilted under the accumulated pressure. Flights cancelled, luggage misdirected and… Continue reading BA

Brave New World

3 March 2022 Brave new world By Paul Branch Whilst attempting to look away from the horrors unfolding to the East, let’s instead try to put a brave face on it by contemplating the future, assuming of course we have one.  Picture the scenario:  you’re riding along in your automobile, your robot beside you at… Continue reading Brave New World


3 March 2022 Crossword Number 314 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 313 Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp


3 March 2022 Cartoons By AGGro Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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