4 July 2024 Democracy How to do it. By John Watson We all know the Churchill quotation: “democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried”. Perspicacious and witty, no doubt, but it says nothing about the relative merits of different forms of democracy. And in the… Continue reading Democracy


Eagle Eyed

4 July2024 Electioneering by J. R. Thomas Some of the most important elections of the early C21st are going on as you read this; and here is where live media holds all the aces.  You, the reader, will have the advantage of knowing the current state of play, if only via the BBC, CBBC, Facebook… Continue reading Electioneering

Election Fever

4 July 2024 Election Fever Taking the temperature. By Lynda Goetz Ever since Rishi Sunak chose to make his ill-fated announcement in pouring rain of a July 4th election, the Conservative Party, the media, the public, the Labour Party and pretty much everyone else involved, have predicted a Labour victory. The Conservatives (apart from Sunak… Continue reading Election Fever

Things can only get better …

4 July 2024 Things can only get better … Paul Branch Just six weeks ago we were treated to the unedifying spectacle of our Prime Minister outside No 10 Downing Street drenched in rain announcing the date for the General Election, no umbrella and without a helping aide in sight.  In the background played a… Continue reading Things can only get better …

Stonehenge Revenge?

4 July 2024 Stonehenge Revenge? A true story. By Neil Tidmarsh It seems that attacking Shakespeare and Prokofiev wasn’t enough for them. (Stalin Junior and the New Puritans, Shaw Sheet issue 359, 07.09.23.) So last month they attacked Jonathan Yeo’s (admittedly awful) portrait of King Charles III – and abused Wallace and Gromit at the… Continue reading Stonehenge Revenge?

Betting Scandal

4 July 2024 Betting Scandal Where is the sex? By Robert Kilconner I must say that this betting business is very disappointing. No, I am not making some moral comment about Conservative MPs and party officials. Every party has its share of ‘likely lads’ and that has always been the case. What upsets me is… Continue reading Betting Scandal

Expressionists / Yoko Ono

4 July 2024 Expressionists: Kandinsky, Münter and the Blue Rider Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind Tate Modern. By William Morton The Blue Rider group of artists was active in Munich in the years before the First World War. They developed a distinctive style of painting with vibrant colours and simplicity of form with no… Continue reading Expressionists / Yoko Ono

Cyrus the pig

Cyrus the Pig Laugh ’till you cry 6 June 2023 A book full of laughter and wisdom for readers aged 7 to 100. Suitable for reading aloud or alone. Buy Cyrus the Pig, written by John Watson and illustrated by Mishal Asher. Give yourself a treat. Click on link to get your copy. Oink, oink!… Continue reading Cyrus the pig


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