Issue 344: 2022 10 27: Cover page

Cover Page, 27 October 2022, Issue 344 Welcome to our latest edition. This week we consider: Truss, Sunak and prime ministerial ambition; the market reaction to China’s 20th Communist Party Congress; avian flu; general strikes; Suella Braverman’s resignation; not hasta la vista, Boris, but adios; plus of course a crossword from Boffles. Share this using…… Continue reading Issue 344: 2022 10 27: Cover page


27 October 2022 Sunak Time to bind in. By John Watson As Sunak coasted to victory, two interrelated comments made in the course of the leadership campaign threw an odd light on British politics. The first was made by Liz Truss who, following her resignation, said to Downing Street staff: “at least I’ve been PM”.… Continue reading Sunak

Liz Truss & President Xi

27 October 2022 Liz Truss and President Xi Market reactions. By Neil Tidmarsh The leader, newly-appointed for a new term in office, introduces the new government and unveils their new plan for the economy. Result? The financial markets are spooked, shares plunge to a 13 year low, the currency hits its weakest level in 15… Continue reading Liz Truss & President Xi

Avian Flu

27 October 2022 Avian Flu A Concern? By Lynda Goetz When I went to the supermarket the other day there were no eggs in the usual place. I did not really attribute huge significance to this, since it not unusual to find items have been moved around (to make you go past other displays, of… Continue reading Avian Flu

General Strikes

27 October 2022 General Strikes Coming our way by Don Urquhart The General Strike in 1926 was broken by the combined efforts of “special constables” and the army.  In 2023 we might see a repeat.  There is no enthusiasm among workers for austerity or “difficult decisions” as it is often described.  The markets seem to… Continue reading General Strikes

Suella’s Luck

27 October 2022 Suella’s Luck The Braverman way. By Robert Kilconner Suella Braverman is a very lucky woman. Not lucky in everything, of course. To be christened Sue-Ellen after a character in a soap is an unfortunate start to life but then no one could criticise her for a decision in which she presumably had… Continue reading Suella’s Luck

Such Sweet Sorrow

27 October 2022 Such Sweet Sorrow by Paul Branch With all the focus now on the newly-crowned king Rishi, spare a thought for Boris Johnson left languishing in the shadows, still unkempt but apparently now also unwanted.  It was with an ebullient and indeed bullish Hasta la vista, baby that our last but one Prime… Continue reading Such Sweet Sorrow


27 October 2022 Crossword Number 344 By Boffles Click for this Week’s interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week’s crossword Click for solution to crossword 343 Boffles 2 now available from Amazon at £6.55.Just the thing for autumn & winter evenings. Share this using… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Whatsapp

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