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Excerpts from this Week’s Articles

Boris Functus

Send the letters

20 January 2022 Boris Functus Send the letters. By John Watson No, it isn’t a spelling error. Nor is “functus” the polite Latin equivalent of a much overused 16th century German word which sounds rather similar. It is an abbreviation of the expression “functus officio” used by lawyers to describe an official whose mandate to… Continue reading Boris Functus

Old Bailey and Lady Justice “Sentence first…

...verdict afterwards

20 January 2022 “Sentence First…  verdict afterwards"   by J.R.Thomas           …verdict afterwards”.  How readers laughed when the Queen of Hearts insisted that the Knave of Heart’s head should be removed before time was wasted on any further court hearings, in Alice in Wonderland.  Was Lewis Carroll being satirical when he wrote that; or was he… Continue reading “Sentence first…

Balance of Rights

Freedom to act & speak

20 January 2022 Balance of Rights Freedom to act and speak. By Lynda Goetz ‘It is the duty of peers and MPs to strike a proper balance between the rights of a small number of protesters and those of everyone else’, concluded the Daily Telegraph editorial yesterday, after pondering the rejection by peers of almost… Continue reading Balance of Rights

Bit on the slide?


20 January 2022 Bit on the slide? By Paul Branch While communications media of every shape and hue, not to mention the public at large, have been salivating at the prospect of the fall from grace of several universally-acclaimed celebrities, events in the world of high finance have not been standing still.  In that high… Continue reading Bit on the slide?

Boris’s Bedtime Stories


20 January 2022 Bedtime Stories for Boris Tragicomedy. By Neil Tidmarsh Dear Boris, it’s late on Friday night but you can’t sleep. It’s too quiet now that you’ve had to knock ‘Wine Friday’ on the head. The silence is keeping you awake. So why not let the Shaw Sheet tell you some bedtime stories to… Continue reading Boris’s Bedtime Stories

Thumbnail Don Urquhart Red Sky Lenin Cast of Play Red Dawn Diary of a Corbynista

Guns before Vibrators

20 January 2022 Diary of a Corbynista Guns before Vibrators by Don Urquhart 3 to 19 January In Parliament the Government is pushing on with its agenda.  Sadly it does not involve improving Health, Education, Housing or Levelling Up, whatever that is.  No, it is about putting protesters in jail and making it harder for… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

Ban Shaw Sheet

A plea

20 January 2022 Ban Shaw Sheet A plea. By Robert Kilconner I should, I think, start by declaring an interest because I am descended from the Spottiswood family after a member of which Spotsylvania, a county in Virginia, is named. I have never been there but, family loyalty being what it is, I expect it’s a… Continue reading Ban Shaw Sheet

North Shropshire

By election

20 January 2022 Letter to the Editors In response to Richard Pooley's letter in issue 307 regarding the North Shropshire by-election from J.R.Thomas Dear Sirs It is always nice to be closely read and careful notes taken;  but as to descriptions of politicians, Mr Shastri-Hurst described himself variously as ex army, a medic, and as… Continue reading North Shropshire

Thumbnail crossword Boffles Sweats it out Crossword

No 308

20 January 2021 Crossword By Boffles Crossword No 308 Click for this Week's interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week's crossword Click for solution to crossword 307 Available from Amazon at £6.55.Just the thing for winter. 


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20 January 2022 Cartoons by AGGro


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