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Excerpts from this Week’s Articles

Labour’s Agenda

Time for proposals

28 July 2022 Labour’s Agenda Time for proposals. By John Watson Actually it was rather good. Despite the mindless twaddle spouted about the Sunak/Truss debate being too aggressive in tone, the reality is that it was no more so than you would expect in such a gladiatorial contest. Of course both candidates should define their… Continue reading Labour’s Agenda

American Bald Eagle in front of flag looking fierce New York Fairy Tale

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

28 July 2022 A Fairy Tale of New York by J.R. Thomas Young politicians have to learn a lot very quickly.  Mind you, some of it is pretty basic stuff.  Like not turning your back on your enemies for long.  And what else?  Yup, that your opponents are in front of you, but your enemies… Continue reading New York Fairy Tale

The Problem

Policies not personalities

28 July 2022 The Problem Policies not personalities. By Lynda Goetz I am one of the ‘lucky’ few; one of the 160,000 Conservative party members who gets a vote on our new Prime Minister. Apart from the fact that this does seem a slightly odd way to choose a new leader for the country, it… Continue reading The Problem

Thumbnail Don Urquhart Red Sky Lenin Cast of Play Red Dawn A Tale of Two Factions

The Forde Report

28 July 2022 A Tale of Two Factions Forde Report by Don Urquhart I had dinner with Denis.  Naturally enough discussion turned to the Tory Leadership contest where we could agree that the two remaining candidates were dismal.  But if it came to a General Election he feared that Starmer lacked charisma although he was… Continue reading A Tale of Two Factions

Le Style Politique

Logic not 'en vogue'

28 July 2022 Le Style Politique Français Logic is not en vogue. By Neil Tidmarsh The sans culottes were confusing enough. Did the revolutionary lower orders of eighteenth century France really not wear trousers? Or pants? Crikey, no wonder they were revolting. Perhaps it was some sort of political protest? (And a particularly French one… Continue reading Le Style Politique

Reputations and Clubs overboard

LIV Golf

28 July 2022 Reputations and Clubs overboard by Paul Branch Not to be put off by the short-lived splutter into life and almost instant demise of the European football super league, golf has actually gone and set up an exclusive by-invitation-only superstar club of some of the best players in the world, dragging them away… Continue reading Reputations and Clubs overboard

Little Lies

And smooth corners

28 July 2022 Little Lies And smooth corners. By Robert Kilconner Christopher Luxon is the leader of the opposition in New Zealand and hoping to replace Jacinda Adern as prime minister following next year’s general election. That is no easy task bearing in mind  Adern’s obvious sincerity and decency. No doubt he hopes to project… Continue reading Little Lies

Thumbnail crossword Boffles Sweats it out Crossword

No. 335

28 July 2022 Crossword Number 335 By Boffles Click for this Week's interactive online crossword Click for a printable version of this Week's crossword Click for solution to crossword 334 Available from Amazon at £6.55.Just the thing for the summer holidays.


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