Issue 134: 2017 12 21: CPS On Trial

21 December 2017 Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on Trial Rape in the spotlight again. By Lynda Goetz Readers who have followed this magazine over the last two years will know, firstly, that I am female, secondly that I am no longer, sadly, a spring chicken, and thirdly, that like Luke Gittos*, and Allison Pearson (the novelist… Continue reading Issue 134: 2017 12 21: CPS On Trial

Issue 133: 2017 12 14: One year down..

Eagle Eyed

14 December 2017, One Year Down…   …seven to go? By J R Thomas. A revolving door of senior advisers and Secretaries of State keeps on spinning but will it hurt Trump?

Issue 133: 2017 12 14: NHS GP on your call?

14 December 2017, An NHS GP at the tip of your young, healthy finger? An East End GP explains the shortcomings. By Naureen Bhatti . Healthy are targeted by ‘GP at Hand’, a commercial service for the worried well. Will it undermine the NHS?

Issue 133; 2017 12 14: Corbynista’s Diary

14 December 2017, Diary of a Corbynista, Jeremy takes his eye off the ball, by Don Urquhart. Jeremy takes his eye off the ball and the NHS’s winter blues and lets Mrs May have a good time around Brexit while Alabama chucks out an alleged sex fiend.

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