Miffed by MiFID

11 January 2018 Miffed by MiFID  A long list of those affected. by Frank O’Nomics It was hardly another “Big Bang”, but 3rd January saw the introduction of major new legislation for the financial services industry, snappily titled MiFID II.  Most people will either never have heard of MiFID II, know that there was ever

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Nothing Changes

10 January 2017 Nothing Changes by J.R. Thomas The Shaw Sheet spares no effort in seeking anniversaries that you may miss.  So prepare to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Henry Kissinger’s arrival from Germany in Britain, 1938.  Admittedly, he did not stay long, moving on with his family to the United States later that year. 

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Black And White

11 January 2018 Black And White Should we live in the shadows? By John Watson Black and white. Night and day.  Brightness and shade.  Transparent and opaque.  Ever since God divided light from darkness in the fourth verse of Genesis, contrasting terms have been used to separate what is open and clear from what exists

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Danger In The Sky

11 January 2018 Danger In The Sky Drones, air-rage, rogue balloons and more. By Neil Tidmarsh Don’t look up. The sky is full of danger this week.  Stay indoors.  Or, if you must go out, wear a helmet.  But, whatever you do, don’t go Up There… From Australia comes the story of an angry bird

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Diary of a Corbynista

11 December 2018 Diary of a Corbynista NHS in Meltdown by Don Urquhart 21 December Jeremy Hunt tells us that we must do more to safeguard the wellbeing of mothers and babies during childbirth.  Maternity care services report that life-threatening incidents in their units are running at a rate of 140,000 per year and it

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Education Re-Shuffle

11 January 2018 Education Re-Shuffle Where to now? By Lynda Goetz The Matt cartoon on the front of The Telegraph yesterday said it all, really. Underneath a sketch of a dog occupying half the sofa; Mr (standing beside the sofa) said to Mrs (already seated), ‘I’m not going to ask him to move, because when

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Issue 135: 2018 01 04: Great Rail Rip-Off

04 January 2018 The Great Rail Rip-Off Raising fares in line with RPI makes no sense. By Frank O’Nomics. Raising fares in line with RPI makes no sense. This week saw the largest increase in regulated rail fares since 2013, with price rises on average of 3.4%.  For many commuters, who on average have seen

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Issue 135: 2018 01 04: Unrest In Iran

04 January 2018, Unrest in Iran, 1979, 2009… 2018. By Neil Tidmarsh. The news from Iran last Thursday – that women are no longer obliged by law to cover their hair in public – was surprising enough.  But what has followed is even more surprising.

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Issue 135: 2018 01 04: Will It Fly?

04 January 2018 Will It Fly? Can Tories survive Brexit and leftward swing? By J R Thomas It’s a brave commentator who provides any political predictions for 2018.  It was with hindsight foolish indeed to attempt forecasts for what turned into the extraordinary events of 2016; even more so the sudden reversals of 2017.  What

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Issue 135: 2018 01 04: Arts Council Funding

04 January 2018 Arts Council Funding for ‘Literary’ Fiction A Good or Bad Idea? By Lynda Goetz  Shortly before Christmas Arts Council England brought out a report they had commissioned, entitled ‘Literature in the Twenty First Century – Models of Support for Literary Fiction.  It is fifty-seven pages long and makes for interesting reading, although

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