7 December 2023 Stockton Probably a lovely town. By John Watson “Shithole” or “not shithole”, that is the question. No, not whether Stockton is a shithole. No one seems to care much about that but there has been quite a fuss about whether the Home Secretary James Cleverly said that it was one in the… Continue reading Stockton

Make Kamala Great Again 

7 December 2023 Make Kamala Great Again by J.R. Thomas That is an ambitious line for a placard.  It assumes that Ms Harris was sort of great before, and there is some evidence of that, but nobody seems to take it seriously.  There was a time when she looked like a contender, a strong contender,… Continue reading Make Kamala Great Again 


7 December 2023 Smoking And proportional representation. By Robert Kilconner Those who believe in proportional representation should think carefully about the decision by the New Zealand government to reverse the progressive smoking ban. The idea of the ban was that each year the age at which an individual can buy tobacco rises by one so… Continue reading Smoking

Corbynista Rides Again

7 December 2023 Corbynista Rides Again One Man’s Terrorist by Don Urquhart 8 November 2023 Watching the Commons debate on the Humanitarian Situation in Gaza I am struck by our impotence to influence events.  Andrew Mitchell, the Foreign Office Minister tells us that Government and Opposition front benches are agreed that a ceasefire will not… Continue reading Corbynista Rides Again

Men of Goodwill

7 December 2023 Men of Goodwill Christian, Jew, Arab. By Neil Tidmarsh It’s the season of goodwill. Given the current shortage of this commodity in that very part of the world where those angels first announced “on earth peace, good will toward men”, it might be timely and reassuring to look at some of the… Continue reading Men of Goodwill

The Prodigal Returns

7 December 2023 View from the Cotswolds:  The Prodigal Returns by Paul Branch Picture the scene:  an impressive but not overly large mansion house in a charming hamlet in the North Cotswolds.  Evening has descended, the lights are on, a bijou Shepherd’s Hut is tastefully illuminated just off the driveway.  In the main dining room… Continue reading The Prodigal Returns

The Trussista Rides Out 

2 November 2023 The Trussista Rides Out by J.R. Thomas The Shaw Sheet is famous for its sense of balance; many and most opinions are permitted into the august columnage.  But one thing that has been lacking is a counterweight to the always fascinating musings of our Corbynista.  So today we introduce a view from… Continue reading The Trussista Rides Out 

Covid Priorities

2 November 2023 Covid Priorities A rational approach. By Lynda Goetz Shock horror! Boris Johnson, according to his former private secretary, Imran Shafi, was probably responsible for the words “Why are we destroying the economy for people who will die soon anyway?” At first hearing this may sound like a very callous statement and there… Continue reading Covid Priorities

Sunak’s duty

2 November 2023 Sunak’s duty Smoothing the way By John Watson It really isn’t Sunak’s fault. He is clearly intelligent, plainly honest and decent, diligent in his approach to detail and firm in his views. Agree with him or not, he isn’t there for the money but rather out of an ambition to make his… Continue reading Sunak’s duty

Corbynista Rides Again

2 November 2023 Corbynista Rides Again Which side of history? by Don Urquhart 6 October 2023 Michael Shanks’ win in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by election comes at a terrible time for socialists.  At the imminent Labour Party Conference Sir Keir Starmer and his cronies will proclaim it as a vindication of his leadership.… Continue reading Corbynista Rides Again

Another Fine Mess

2 November 2023 Another Fine Mess EU and Tunisia. By Neil Tidmarsh Last July, the president of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen signed an agreement with Tunisia to stop illegal migration across the Mediterranean. The deal was initiated by the Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni and supported by the Dutch prime minister Mark… Continue reading Another Fine Mess

A Man for All Seasons

2 November 2023 A Man for All Seasons by Paul Branch November is traditionally a time for remembrance and sorrow; this year made all the more poignant by the continuing hostilities in Ukraine and now the woes of the Middle East.  In the midst of such depression however, but still tinged with sadness, we mark… Continue reading A Man for All Seasons

The French

2 November 2023 The French Are different. By Robert Kilconner They do things differently in France. No, not just in their kitchens or in making their wine but in the use they make of their resources. The first sign of it is at Folkestone as you move onto what for political purposes is French territory,… Continue reading The French

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