Issue 139: 2018 02 01: Get Lewis

1 February 2018 Get Lewis The Scunthorpe set by J.R.Thomas                                                             The editor may well think that this column has an unnatural obsession with crime; but as crime is one of the most popular genres of fiction we will risk our readers’ moral fibre yet again; a serious risk this time, via a forgotten… Continue reading Issue 139: 2018 02 01: Get Lewis

Issue 137: 2018 01 18: The Blues?

18 January 2018 The Blues? The greys, more likely. By Lynda Goetz.  According to the Huffpost blog by Debra Devi, the origin of the term ‘the blues’ may have to do with a 17thC English expression referring to the ‘intense visual hallucinations that can accompany severe alcohol withdrawal’.  Interestingly, however, now that we can to… Continue reading Issue 137: 2018 01 18: The Blues?

Issue 133: 2017 12 14: What Point University?

14 December 2017, What Is The Point Of University? Dissatisfaction increases, by Lynda Goetz. Student loans and fees along with the apparently excessive pay of vice-chancellors.  Seen against questions about of what the government is doing to help social mobility, the NAO has come out with a critical report on higher education.

Issue 133: 2017 12 14: Bitcoin or Bitcon

14 December 2017, Bitcoin or Bitcon, A most reliable algorithm. By Chin Chin. Where is treasure likely to be hidden?  We all know the answer to that of course…..

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