Are You Old Yet?

2 May 2024 Are You Old Yet? When does that happen? By Lynda Goetz It is almost harder, I think, to write an article once a month than to do so once a week.  For a start you get out of the rhythm and then there is the problem, at the moment at least, of… Continue reading Are You Old Yet?

Boom Boom

7 September 2023 Boom Boom Exploding gases. By Chin Chin Are you a walrus? Or perhaps a carpenter? Or at the very least a Cheshire Cat? No? Unfair, isn’t it? Others have all the fun. Still, every now and then the opportunity arises to participate in the topsy-turvy world of Lewis Carroll and, when it… Continue reading Boom Boom

The Roar of Exhausts

2 February 2023 The Roar of Exhausts Toad relieved. By Chin Chin Mr Toad would have been much relieved. Forget global warming and the possibility of nuclear war. In his world a much more sinister threat has been lurking on the horizon. As the world moves to electric vehicles, would we cease to hear the… Continue reading The Roar of Exhausts

A Reunion

17 November 2022 A Reunion 50 years on. By Lynda Goetz A few weeks ago, I went to a school reunion. This may not sound like anything out of the ordinary. For all I know, readers may attend such events on a regular basis, although I suspect not.  You, like many others, may have thankfully… Continue reading A Reunion

Traffic Meetings

17 November 2022 Traffic Meetings Rabelaisian occasions. By Chin Chin Just occasionally you miss out on something really worthwhile; you turn down tickets to a play which the critics then say is the performance of a lifetime or you refuse a dinner invitation where the food turns out to have been cooked by Gordon Ramsay.… Continue reading Traffic Meetings

The Earwiggle

10 November 2022 The Earwiggle Electric cars and other hazards. By Chin Chin It really was a very nasty moment. I was driving along the Euston Road when I commented to my wife that with all the electric vehicles on the road it was much harder to hear traffic than it used to be. “Ah”,… Continue reading The Earwiggle

Taking the Ferry

3 November 2022 Taking the Ferry Holidays in France By Robert Kilconner Large open top touring cars, hotel to hotel across Europe, first class meal after first class meal, it was the Brideshead way of taking a holiday. Standards have slipped since then or more accurately holidaymakers have slipped down a class or two, but… Continue reading Taking the Ferry


20 October 2022 France A linguistic feat. By Chin Chin The thing that strikes you about French towns is that the distribution of shops is quite different to what we are used to in England.  Away go the hardware shops, the estate agents and the charity shops and in come lots of shoe shops, chemists… Continue reading France


13 October 2022 Guggenheim A museum? By Chin Chin (Robert Kilconner is on holiday.) “A call for you, Señor.”  My first thought was not to take it. After all, I was on holiday. Probably just one of the editors of the Shaw Sheet offering me some ludicrous post as part of a reorganisation. Motoring correspondent,… Continue reading Guggenheim

Victorian Terseness

15 September 2022 Victorian Terseness Let’s have it back. By Robert Kilconner Every now and again it is good thing to clear out old family files and while I was doing that this week I came across a letter addressed to my great-grandfather, a Lt Col in the Royal Artillery. It was in pencil and… Continue reading Victorian Terseness

Go Boil Your Keys

8 September 2022 Go Boil Your Keys Listening in. By Robert Kilconner Messages arrive in all sorts of different ways. If you were Moses, for example, they arrived on tablets of stone; if Elijah, in a still small voice of calm. By the time we get to St Paul, it had become slightly less theatrical… Continue reading Go Boil Your Keys

Strange Goings On

1 September 2022 Strange Goings On A Chiltern Mystery by Don Urquhart Terrifying dystopia is a successful movie genre and one of my favourites.  Recent Oscar winner Get Out was one of the best in my view.  It begins with a happy couple in a car on the way to a weekend with her family. … Continue reading Strange Goings On

Little Lies

28 July 2022 Little Lies And smooth corners. By Robert Kilconner Christopher Luxon is the leader of the opposition in New Zealand and hoping to replace Jacinda Adern as prime minister following next year’s general election. That is no easy task bearing in mind  Adern’s obvious sincerity and decency. No doubt he hopes to project… Continue reading Little Lies

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