T is for Thank You

11 January 2018 T is for Thank You A tribute to Sue Grafton by J.R.Thomas Many years ago your correspondent was sitting by the maternity bed of a friend, she proudly nursing her newly born beautiful daughter.  More to your correspondent’s taste, on the bedside table was a newly published half read American crime thriller. 

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Not Against Podes

11 January 2018 Not Against Podes Going below. By Chin Chin Just who are these “podes” who I’m supposed to be so much against? I was tired of the English winter so I decided to spend my holiday entitlement on a trip to the sun.  Into the travel agent then for a few suggestions and

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Issue 135: 2018 01 04: Just A Truffle

04 January 2018 Just A Truffle French cuisine moves north. By Chin Chin Did you see the news?  No, not the bit about the tragic death of the aardvark in a fire at London zoo, or the bit about the rare pig which was thought to be extinct, but the news from Paris where a

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Issue 134: 2017 12 21: Christmas Cards

21 December 2017 Christmas Cards A matter of engineering. By Chin Chin Job interviews are like games of chess.  After a number of preliminary moves, and with a bovine smile of self-satisfaction wreathing his fleshy face, the interviewer delivers the ace question.  “Do you have any weaknesses?” he asks.  That of course is a trap.

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Issue 134: 2017 12 21: A Tree In Fairyland

21 December 2017 A Tree In Fairyland A matter of position. By Scrooge It was Christmas Eve in fairyland and one of the fairies was busy putting up her decorations.  Actually she wasn’t doing it herself because that was the work of the elves.  Still, she stood around and gave directions so that she could

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Issue 133: 2017 12 14: What Point University?

14 December 2017, What Is The Point Of University? Dissatisfaction increases, by Lynda Goetz. Student loans and fees along with the apparently excessive pay of vice-chancellors.  Seen against questions about of what the government is doing to help social mobility, the NAO has come out with a critical report on higher education.

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