Issue 125: 2017 10 19: Contents

19 October 2017: Issue 125

The week’s news –

your chance to catch up:

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A Hard Brexit by John Watson

Why we need the figures.

The Quickness Of The Mouth Deceives… by J R Thomas

The actions of President Trump.

I’m Doing What I Said I’d Do by Richard Pooley

Macron’s pledges.

The Economic Consequences of Brexit Uncertainty by Frank O’Nomics

Pre-referendum concerns are being justified.

New Chinese Capital For A New Egyptian Capital by Neil Tidmarsh

A Chinese president, a plutocratic philosopher, an ancient British king and a heretic pharoah.

Plough, No Scatter by J R Thomas

Farming and Brexit.


Bad News Opportunity by Chin Chin

Using the Hollywood Sex Scandal.

Diary Of A Corbynista by Don Urquhart

To a conference and beyond.

What Is “Normal”? by Lynda Goetz

Towards a post-gender age.


Beginning (by David Eldridge)

The Dorfman Theatre

reviewed by Adam McCormack

Puzzles, Cartoons and Calendar

Cartoons by AGGro.

Crossword by Boffles: “The Emerald Isle“.

Solution to the last crossword “Plain Vanilla 25“.

What’s on in October 2017 by AGGro.

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