Issue 123: 2017 10 05: Contents

05 October 2017: Issue 123

The week’s news –

your chance to catch up:

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The Referendum In Catalonia by John Watson

How does the upsurge in separatism affect the EU?

The Tale Of Mrs M by J R Thomas

 Muti – the next chapter.

All Right? by Neil Tidmarsh

Not quite.

Student Loan Groan – There Must Be A Better Way by Frank O’Nomics

Forthcoming changes highlight a flawed system.


Top Facts by Chin Chin

Their use and the Zulu principle.

Are you very satisfied? by Lynda Goetz

Really we don’t want to know.


Victoria And Abdul (dir. Stephen Frears)

reviewed by J R Thomas

Soul Of A Nation

Tate Modern, 12 July – 22 October

reviewed by William Morton

What Shadows (by Chris Hannan)

The Park Theatre

reviewed by Adam McCormack

Puzzles, Cartoons and Calendar

Cartoons by AGGro.

Crossword by Boffles: “Fashion Week”.

Solution to the last crossword “Up In The Air”.

What’s on in October 2017 by AGGro.

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