28 September 2017

What’s on in October …or what you will find in the News!

By AGGro


SUN 1ST * National Day of the People’s Republic of China – start of a “Golden Week’ when Chinese companies give 3 days of paid holiday which used as a bridge with surrounding weekends enable 7 continuous days of holiday. This is a period of heightened travel activity and many extra tourists (aka ‘The Great Wallet of China’) should visit the UK.

* Conservative Party Conference 2017, Manchester Central until 04/10.

* Ashura (Islamic festival) a day of fasting & mourning marking Noah’s leaving the ark and Moses was saved by the Egyptians.

* Catalan Independence Referendum – despite being deemed illegal by Madrid Central Government, 700 Catalan mayors have said they will cooperate in the staging of it and police leave has been cancelled.

* Horse Racing: Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (2,400 metres) Chantilly, France – flat race for 3 years or older.

* Formula 1 – Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang.

* 60 years ago: ‘Which? Magazine’ published by The Consumers’ Association (UK)

* 3 years ago: Windscreen display paper VED tax discs were abolished

* Theresa May is 61, Jimmy Carter (39th US President) is 93 & Harry Hill is 53

MON 2ND * World Farm Animals Day.

Ÿ Simon Gregory (aka Steve McDonald in Corrie) is 43 today.

TUES 3RD * 75 years ago: WW2-First rocket in space at 84.5km. Nazi Germany launched an A4 -rocket at  Peenemünde, Germany.

WED 4TH * Nottingham Goose Fair – annual travelling funfair in Forest Recreation Ground – until 08/10’

THURS 5TH *1st day of Tabernacles (Jewish).

* Football: World Cup 2018 qualifiers – Northern Ireland v Germany (Group C); England v Slovenia, Scotland v Slovakia (Group F).

* 43 years ago: Guildford pub bombings – Prov IRA kill 5 people.

* Bob Geldof is 66 today.

FRI 6th *Football: World Cup 2018 qualifiers – Georgia v Wales, Republic of Ireland v Moldova (Group D).

* WRC: Spain 53º Rally RACC Cataluña – Costa Daurada Salou, Tarragona – until 08/10.

*New films:  Blade Runner 2049; Kingsman; The Golden Circle; My Little Pony: The Movie.

Ÿ Gerry Adams is 69 today.

SAT 7th * Green Party Autumn Conference, Harrogate International Centre – until 10/10.

*  Rugby League: Super League Grand Final, Old Trafford.

SUN 8th * Football: World Cup 2018 qualifiers: Norway v Northern Ireland (Group C); Lithuania v England, Slovenia v Scotland (Group F).

* Formula 1: Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka.

* 50 years ago: Che Guevara (Guerrilla leader) captured in Bolivia – executed 09/10/1967.

ŸSimon Cowell is 58 & Vladimir Putin is 65 today.

MON 9TH * Football: World Cup 2018 qualifier: Wales v Republic of Ireland (Group D).

* David Cameron is 51 today.

TUES 10TH * World Porridge Day.

WED 11TH * Grand Designs Live Exhibition, NEC Birmingham – until 15/10.

* National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an annual LGBTQI awareness day – founded in 1988.

* Dawn French (comedian) is 60 today.

THURS 12TH * 33 years ago: Grand Hotel Brighton bombed by the Provisional IRA in an attempt to assassinate Margaret Thatcher & cabinet – 5 killed & 31 wounded.

FRI 13TH * New films: ‘Friday the 13th’ & The Snowman.

SAT 14TH * Triathlon – World Ironman Championship, Hawaii.

* 75 years ago: WW2- German U-boat sinks the ferry SS Caribou off Newfoundland, killing 137.

* 30 years ago:  Bing Crosby (1903-1987) died (famous singer e.g. White Christmas and many other hits).

* Jon Ashworth (Shadow Secretary of State for Health) is 39 and Sir Cliff Richard is 77 today.

SUN 15TH * Round £1 coin to be withdrawn.

* Austrian Legislative elections – the leader of the strongest party in any formed coalition, if there is any, usually becomes Chancellor.

MON 16TH * Davina McCall (UK Big Brother host) is 50 today.

TUES 17TH * Kenyan Presidential elections to be re-held – following the annulment of the results of the presidential vote. In the  August 2017 general elections, incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner with 54% , whilst his main challenger Raila Odinga received 45% of the vote. Odinga appealed to the Supreme Court, who ruled the election had not been “conducted in accordance with the constitution”, cancelling the results and ordering fresh elections to be held within 60 days.

* Motorhome & Caravan Show 2017, NEC Birmingham – until 22/10.

* WRC: Rally Australia, Coffs Harbour, NSW – until 19/10.

* 50 years ago:  The Jungle Book – Walt Disney’s 19th full-length animated feature released.

* Mike Tindall (husband of Zara Phillips & rugby player) is 39 today.

THURS 19TH * Diwali (Sikh & Hindu aka Festival of Light) – Sikhs celebrate Guru Hargobind Singh’s release from prison.

* Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany until 23/10.

* 30 years ago: Black Monday – stock market levels fell sharply on Wall Street and around the world.

FRI 20TH * New films: Insidious: Chapter 4; – The War With Grandpa.

SAT 21ST * Trafalgar Day – commemorating Nelson’s naval victory in 1805.

* Horseracing: Ascot – British Champions Day, including Champion Stakes and QE2 Stakes.

SUN 22ND * Slovenia Presidential election – a potential run-off will be held at latest 21 days after the first round.

* Formula 1 – United States Grand Prix, Austin, Texas.

* 73 years ago: WW2 – Battle of Leyte Gulf – US Navy won a decisive battle over Japanese in the Philippine Islands. Kamikazee suicide bombers used for the first time.

* Arsene Wenger (Arsenal manager) is 68 today

MON 23rd * London Schools Half Term until 27/10 (Term ends Wed 20/12)

* New London T-Charge (toxicity) effective. £10 extra to the Congestion Charge on cars with pre-Euro 4 engines (built before Jan 2006) thus is in addition to existing £11.50 Congestion charge, non-compliant vehicles must now pay total of £21.50 to drive in Central London, Mon – Fri 7:00-18:00. TfL cameras can identify vehicles liable to the T-Charge.

* Tennis – WTA Finals, Singapore until 29/10.

* 30 years ago: Champion English jockey Lester Piggott is jailed for three years after being convicted of tax evasion.

TUES 24TH * United Nations Day 2017.

* Cycling: Six Day London, VeloPark – Lee Valley.

*  100 years ago: WW1- Battle of Caporetto (aka Battle of Karfreit)  Austro-Hungarians & German armies inflicted a major defeat on the Italian Army – until 19/11/1917.

* 75 years ago: WW2-The Second Battle of El Alamein (until 11/11/1942). Following the sacking of Auchinleck and the death of  replacement, Gott, in a plane crash; Montgomery took command of the British Eighth Army. From a well prepared position he met Rommel’s Axis Army attack and his victory turned the tide in the North African Campaign thus ending the Axis threat to Egypt, the Suez Canal and oil fields. Churchill celebrated the victory in the UK extensively to revive Allied morale. NB The First Battle of El Alamein took place 1st-23rd Aug 1942 and prevented the Axis from advancing further into Egypt.

* 75 years ago: WW2- Battle for Henderson Field, Guadalcanal ,Solomon Islands. US Forces gained control of critical airfield from  Japanese army as well as sinking cruiser and killing 2000 Japanese troops.

* Jeremy Wright PC QC (Attorney General for England and Wales & Advocate General for Northern Ireland) is 45 today.

WED 25TH Ÿ John Peel Day DJ (1939-2004) is remembered.

* 100 years ago:October Revolution’, Russia (aka Bolshevik Revolution) when Vladimir Lenin led a group of Bosheviks in an armed insurrection in Petrograd later  instrumental in the larger Russian Revolution of 1917.

NB This event may be dated 07/11 BECAUSE Until February 1918, Russia used the Julian calendar –used by  the Russian Orthodox Church, while the Western world used the Gregorian calendar. During the twentieth century, the Julian calendar fell 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar. Generally, historians writing about pre-revolutionary Russia today cite dates according to the calendar of the time. Dates prior to 1st Feb 1918 use the Julian calendar; dates after that point follow the Gregorian calendar.

* 50 years ago: Abortion Act 1967 passed by the British Parliament.

THURS 26th * Battle of Santa Cruz. The Japanese lost many aircraft and suffer severe damage to two aircraft carriers while the USS Hornet (Doolittle Raid) is sunk and the USS Enterprise is damaged.

FRI 27TH * Vaper Expo – The Return Exhibition 2017, NEC Birmingham until 29/10.

* Rugby League: World Cup – Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, until 02/10.

* WRC: Wales Rally GB, Deeside, Flintshire – until 30/17.

* New films: Saw: Legacy; God Particle.

* 50 years ago: President Charles de Gaulle (France) again vetoed British entry into the European Economic Community .

* John Cleese is 78 and Kelly Osbourne & Karen Bardsley (England Woman Footballers) are 33 today.

SAT 28TH * Icelandic Parliamentary elections.

* Bill Gates is 62 and Julia Roberts (American actress) is 50 today

SUN 29TH * BRITISH SUMMERTIME (BST) ENDS – Clocks go back an hour and we enjoy an extra hour in bed

* Internet Daycelebrating first e-mail sent in 1969

* Formula 1 – Mexican Grand Prix, Mexico City

* 6 years ago: Death of Jimmy Savile (1926-2011)

* Wayne Rooney (Everton footballer) is 32

MON 30TH * 200 years ago: The independent government of Venezuela is established by Simón Bolívar.

TUES 31ST Ÿ HALLOWEEN ‘Trick or Treat’ makes this now the UK’s 3rd biggest shopping event after Christmas and Easter!



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