Issue 28:2015 11 12: International news

12 November 2015 Week in Brief: INTERNATIONAL AFGHANISTAN: A breakaway group of Taliban militants has defected to Isis, leading to heavy fighting between rival groups in the southern province of Zabul. The murder of seven Shia muslims from the Hazara minority suggests that militants are trying to stir up sectarian conflict. BRAZIL: More than 15… Continue reading Issue 28:2015 11 12: International news

Issue 21: 2015 09 24: DECLINE AND FALL

24 September 2015 DECLINE AND FALL? by Neil Tidmarsh This week, the EU struck yet another blow against democracy in Europe.  An EU ‘qualified majority vote’ has imposed compulsory immigrant quotas across the zone (though not in Britain, which has an ‘opt-out’).  In other words, the giants France and Germany have forced the smaller countries… Continue reading Issue 21: 2015 09 24: DECLINE AND FALL

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