Issue 275: 2021 04 15: Diary of a Corbynista

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15 April 2021

Diary of a Corbynista

A Crumbling Union

by Don Urquhart

Mug shot of Don Urquhart8 April

Message Board responses to Corbynista in Shaw Sheet 274:


I saw yesterday that the Northern Irish loyalists have finally figured out that the Tories lied to them about the consequences of Brexit. Luckily I wasn’t eating or drinking anything at the time.


I am interested in the tone from the NI executive.

Their notoriously balanced leader, Ms Foster, is engaging in a furious case of whataboutery, by deflecting the discussion around violence generated largely within the loyalist community, from what I read, to the case of the “IRA” funeral, attended by a large number of Sinn Fein members, though this happened last year, and suggesting that the IRA army council is alive and kicking.

Also, the seeming criticism of the PSNI and refusal to engage with their management.

What is also rather astounding is the lack, in the usual suspects in the MSM (including the Guardian, rather surprisingly), of any kind of reporting on the rioting and disturbance other than a footnote on the BBC yesterday.

I am also amazed (I’m not really) by the lack of communication from the Prime Minister, other than a rather lacklustre and limp “I am disturbed by the violence” and “this needs to be resolved by discussion”.

It is made all the more disturbing because one of the major concerns is around the situation caused directly by the PM and his actions, made without discussion with the very people who would be affected most, i.e. the people of Northern Ireland, alongside the blatant misinformation about the impact of the Withdrawal Agreement, etc.

All rather predictable but, of course, we will get the usual response of “Who could have anticipated that?”

Well, almost everyone, I suspect.

Crafty Cockney:

Please consult the Ulster Unionist Survival Handbook to work out where things are headed. We’re currently at stage 5.

  1. Identify existential threat to the Union and the Protestant faith. (Home Rule, Partition, Civil Rights, Sunningdale, Anglo Irish Agreement, GFA, in the current case…. Brexit-Belfast Protocol).
  2. Blame the threat on Catholics (Bobby Storey Funeral, Simon Coveney, The EU, Joe Biden, SDLP, Sinn Fein, IRA etc etc.)
  3. Get the Orange Order, assorted loyalist criminals, and flute bands to trash the place to get media attention (the last 6 nights)
  4. Criticise the offenders out of one side of your mouth whilst encouraging them out of the other (Arlene Foster, DUP, UUP etc.)
  5. Motivate the killing of some random Catholics when you see that the majority of people have no sympathy with your position. (Being worked on as we speak)
  6. Explain the inevitable sectarian response as …’there…. I told you so’.
  7. Escalate the sectarian response to civil war levels that obliges the British Army to intervene to restore some level of normality and maintain the Union.
  8. Repeat…ad nauseam


I agree. All of this looks like the Arlene Foster agenda

Are we also saying that, as this conveniently fits the UK government agenda, i.e. deflecting from the Irish Sea sh1tshow that is why the Fat Controller hasn’t said anything worth listening to?


I would like to add to Craft Cockney’s litany the added element of ‘See. This is what’s going to happen every day if you try to re-unite us with those papist Fenian terrorists in the south’.

Crafty Cockney:

The Fat Controller has little to say on this matter because he knows it is a direct consequence of his Brexit dream fulfilment and he is thankful that the acrid smell of burning Belfast buses cannot be smelled in Finchley.

NI is only ever a pawn in a bigger English end game (in the past.. fuelling the empire, beating Nazis, the Cold War, and now EU bashing and warning the Scots of the hazards of upsetting the union status quo).

The strategic importance of the NI pawn to the English world game has decreased steadily since the Cold War ended and will continue to decrease as NI, literally, has nothing to offer the United Kingdom other than debt and evangelically orchestrated misery. You can at least go on a driving tour of Wales and Scotland as a consolation for their eternal lack of gratitude.

In most respects NI is a massive embarrassment to the English who have long since grown tired of Reformation politics and the need to service colonial blood debts indefinitely. There are other bigger fish to fry elsewhere, and who can blame them? They will ditch the place at the first available, democratic, opportunity. I’m pretty sure of that, but not sure when…could be decades. It’s the ROI, ironically, that fears a United Ireland more…and for all the same reasons the English despise and want rid of Ulster Unionists.

For now, Boris will do what Boris always does. He will play his hand tactically and to the gallery. Staying in power is always the primary Tory objective. What that means for the people of NI…..he’s not that bothered either way, nor is his cabinet….until the US trade talks start and his upcoming G7 parties start to roll, then you might see some moves.

Watch this space.

9 April

Here are some grass roots policies prioritised by one of our parties at its launch for the May 6th elections:

Norwich city council: Bring all council workers back onto the payroll!

Stop Bristol council outsourcing its security guards and cleaners!

Victory to the Manchester bus strike!

Say no to Aston Martin job cuts!

Cammell Laird: no to lay-offs, no to casualisation!

It’s the Workers Party of Great Britain.  Led by George Galloway.

10 April

From the Washington Post:

Members of the U.S. Congress and President Biden have warned Johnson that Brexit must not undermine the peace in Northern Ireland. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called for calm. “We remain steadfast supporters of a secure and prosperous Northern Ireland in which all communities have a voice and enjoy the gains of the hard-won peace,” she said.

But does anyone believe that Johnson will do anything other than kick Northern Ireland down the road yet again?

11 April

It’s time for Johnson to bow out.  He lacks the application and enthusiasm for resolving the problems of Northern Ireland and Scotland.  Both are on a fast track to independence from the UK.

He has turned the Conservatives into a White English Nationalist Party.  You can point to front-benchers who do not have white skin but that is not relevant to the prejudices you stoke to get people to vote for you.

George is a Ghanaian friend from University.  Meeting up with him recently we asked him why he had returned to Ghana to pursue his career.  He told us that he had felt too black for the UK, but added that it had turned out he was too white for Ghana.

12 April

From the Coventry Live newspaper:

Huge queues outside Coventry pub that opened on stroke of midnight.

From today you can meet in pub gardens.  The Oak Inn started serving at midnight.

We are all amateur epidemiologists these days.  I would like to see the professionals telling us if we are hurtling towards a third wave.  Locking down has nothing to do with human rights.  It is life or death for the poor and vulnerable.

13 April

The USA is in a worse state than the UK from a Coronavirus perspective.  Dr Anthony Fauci tells people it is not safe to eat indoors in a restaurant and is roundly abused by those who want to open up the economy at all costs.

I am more comfortable being aligned with Dr Fauci than with the advocates of a “freedom” that puts the poor and vulnerable in harm’s way.

After all if you have a positive test or are a contact, you might not be able to afford to isolate. The maps they publish of hot spots are hard to read and are of doubtful accuracy because so many poor people avoid being tested.

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