Issue 14: 2015 08 06:letters

6 August 2015


Labour leadershipJeremy Corbyn courtesy of the BBC

I think JR Thomas in Issue 13 might be underestimating the appeal and therefore the chances of Jeremy Corbyn.  I write as a lifelong Lefty who has not voted Labour for many years, preferring the policies of the Green Party.  I have registered as a Labour Party supporter only because I want to give Jeremy Corbyn his chance.  Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham are tainted by their years in office under Blair and Brown.  Liz Kendall is obsessed with finding out what people will vote for so that she can frame her offer accordingly.  Whatever his faults, Jeremy Corbyn has a clear agenda and an unwavering set of principles that have kept him on the back benches for 33 years.

JR Thomas makes much of the Trade Union support Corbyn has attracted.  The Trade Unions cut no ice with me personally and I suspect I am not alone among Lefties in being deeply suspicious of the self-serving cliques running most of them.  I think that, for once, it will be down to the left-leaning individuals among us who have suddenly spotted the chance of our views being expressed by a Labour Party leader for the first time since Michael Foot.  My fear is that Jeremy Corbyn will be too successful and present such a threat to the establishment that he will go the way of David Kelly!


Don Urquhart



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