Issue 296: 2021 10 07: Cover page

Cover Page, 7 October 2021, Issue 296

Welcome to our latest edition, delayed by one day because of a technical outage (which of course had nothing to do with facebook, Instagram or anything we may have said about eminent people and distant countries).  This week we consider: a proposed reform to encourage transparency in the police; Sir Keir Starmer’s progress; Australia, New Zealand and Covid-19; lorries, licences and migrant workers; the art of turning sewage-polluted rivers into a resource; a Corbynista’s week; space debris; and of course a crossword from Boffles and cartoons from AGGro.

Letting in some light
Covid time-travel
The Coming Man
Making it pleasanter
Waste not, want not
It’s the way he tells them
Beam me up Scotty
No 296
A Visual Perspective

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