The Privileges Committee

6 April 2023 The Privileges Committee An instrument of resurrection. By Robert Kilconner We all know the proverb “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad”. It has certainly been around since the 17th century and some accord it Latin or Greek provenance. What is less well known is that when the… Continue reading The Privileges Committee

Scottish Politics Post-Sturgeon

6 April 2023 Scottish Politics Post-Sturgeon A change of guard. By Antoninus Funny things, leadership elections, especially in Scotland. One day, there’s a political stasis, with Nicola Sturgeon in post as first minister for eight years (Reminder: UK count over the same period – five PMs) and has given no hint of departing. The next… Continue reading Scottish Politics Post-Sturgeon

An Aeon in Politics

6 April 2023 An Aeon in Politics Plus ça change… By Lynda Goetz It was apparently said during the Wilson era that ‘a week is a long time in politics’. Given the events of the last few years, that hardly seems to cover the rapidity with which things can change. By extension, a month, which… Continue reading An Aeon in Politics

Who Was Robert Boyd?

6 April 2023 Who Was Robert Boyd? A footnote on the right side of history. By Neil Tidmarsh Sometimes a single passing reference can grab your attention and refuse to let go.  Like this one: “Liberals, meanwhile, tried to encourage their own popular rebellions, with several attempts in 1831 alone.  One of these saw a… Continue reading Who Was Robert Boyd?

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

6 April 2023 Are You Sitting Comfortably? Somewhere in the multiverse. Paul Branch So began the iconic BBC Light Programme’s Listen With Mother, a comforting invitation from the 1950s to snuggle up, put away your childish concerns and let yourself be transported into a world of reassuring familiarity, fun and safety.  “Then I’ll begin”, continued… Continue reading Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Bad Principles

2 March 2023 Bad Principles And the exclusion of self-doubt. By John Watson Suddenly there is a hole in our politics and it is in the principles department. That is not to say that either Mr Sunak or Sir Keir Starmer are evil rogues or other than devoted public servants but rather that their attraction… Continue reading Bad Principles

Tough Ol’ Joe

2 March 2023 Tough Ol’ Joe by J.R. Thomas You have to be very uninterested in the ways of American politics not to recall that Joe Biden is 80 years old, but it is perhaps easier to forget that he is of a generation that came to political awareness in the late 1950’s and early… Continue reading Tough Ol’ Joe

Peak Woke?

woke text on America flag background 3d rendering

2 March 2023 Peak Woke? Not there yet. By Lynda Goetz For a word which few of us had heard of until just a few years ago, ‘woke’ has become surprisingly ubiquitous – and divisive. It now carries with it a whole culture clash and almost single-handedly portrays the conflicts currently at the heart of… Continue reading Peak Woke?

Up, Up and Away

2 March 2023 Up, Up and Away by Paul Branch So sang the pop group 5th Dimension, way back in 1967.  A tuneful little ditty conjuring up calming images of a peaceful ride through the skies in the company of a loved one.  Fifty-five years on, and along comes a US Air Force F-22 jet… Continue reading Up, Up and Away

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat…

2 March 2023 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat… A Leyen can look at a king. By Neil Tidmarsh Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? I’ve been to London to visit the Queen. Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you do there? I frightened a little mouse under her chair. Ok, let’s get that modernised.… Continue reading Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat…

Editing Dahl

2 March 2023 Editing Dahl A foolish debate. By Robert Kilconner I forget how many swallows make a summer but if there is a consensus in the artistic community one can bet that a fair amount of nonsense is being spoken. When the PM gets involved too, by commenting on a matter which is not… Continue reading Editing Dahl

Delegated Authority

2 February 2023 Delegated Authority Defining the mission. By John Watson As we gradually move towards the next general election, the Labour Party is keeping its cards fairly close to its chest. And very sensible too. Good ideas too early disclosed can be stolen by the party in office. Publishing less good ideas – for… Continue reading Delegated Authority

Unrepresentative Ads

2 February 2023 Unrepresentative Ads Is this really how Britain looks today? By Linda Goetz I have hesitated a long time before writing this article. At a time when apparently even prospective Conservative election candidates are being taught ‘how to be more woke’, lecturers and teachers have lost jobs and the Twitter ‘mob’ descend like… Continue reading Unrepresentative Ads

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