The Grey Vote

7 March 2024 The Grey Vote Removing distortion. By John Watson Viewed narrowly, Michael Gove’s comment made to The Sunday Times, that if housing does not become more readily available younger generations may lose their faith in democracy, adds emphasis to his campaigns for the building of more houses and the reform of the law… Continue reading The Grey Vote

He’s Back

7 March 2024 He’s Back! by J.R. Thomas Those of you tuning in for the latest update on the USA primaries, and puzzled by our header, are right to be perplexed.  Neither Mr Trump nor Mr Biden are yet “back” in any sense, and indeed are still plodding down the long road of the primaries. … Continue reading He’s Back

Time For Rearmament

7 March 2024 Time For Rearmament We must get going. By Robert Kilconner Jehovah did not play cricket, or so you would assume if you read the Book of Joshua. There is no fair play involved at all. Suppose you were an innocent Canaanite, managing your flocks, occasionally fighting with your neighbours and generally carrying… Continue reading Time For Rearmament

Diary of a Corbynista

7 March 2024 Diary of a Corbynista Commons in Chaos by Don Urquhart 6 February 2024 Government frontbenchers are keen to tell us how much they want a ceasefire in Gaza, citing diplomatic initiatives they are undertaking with great energy and commitment.  What they will not discuss is the only measure that will deter the… Continue reading Diary of a Corbynista

Alexei Navalny

7 March 2024 Alexei Navalny Courage and cowardice. By Neil Tidmarsh So the bravest man in the world is dead. There was to be no fairy-tale ending for Russia’s folk hero (see Alexei Navalny, Shaw Sheet issue 246, 10/09/20), after all. But that’s no surprise. Even he must have known that he was a dead… Continue reading Alexei Navalny

Looking on the Bright Side

7 March 2024 Looking on the Bright Side by Paul Branch Sad news indeed about Eric Idle, Monty Pythoneer par excellence now apparently languishing in octogenarian penury and still having to work in order to put his financial affairs in order.   Amongst many comedy masterpieces he penned the classic funeral ode “Always Look on the… Continue reading Looking on the Bright Side

We need to talk about Islam

7 March 2024 We need to talk about Islam And the Western Blight on Sudanese Politics By James Morton Where the Blue Nile joins the White Nile the two rivers trace the shape of an elephant’s trunk, giving the name Khartoum to the capital of Sudan.  As the generals of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF)… Continue reading We need to talk about Islam

Labour Challenge

1 February 2024 Labour The real challenge. By John Watson Everything has its season. Empires rise and fall. Seasons begin and then pass. Hemlines rise and then drop. Political parties lose their way and then find it again. We don’t need to read the Book of Ecclesiastes to persuade ourselves that the fortunes of the… Continue reading Labour Challenge

Education Mess

School blackboard with random handdrawn chalk education symbols and the word SCHOOL in the centre in a teaching and learning concept

1 February 2024 Education Mess Culture wars in the classroom. By Lynda Goetz For a long time, many in this country seem to have believed not only that our health system is the envy of the world, but that our education is also revered by others abroad. As our sainted NHS disintegrates, that belief is… Continue reading Education Mess

Trouble Among the Old Folk

1 February 2024 Trouble Amongst the Old Folks  by J.R.Thomas Donald Trump (aged 77) won in Iowa, as we expected.  But he also won in New Hampshire, rather unexpected.  And so he is out of the starting stalls and away down the track, with seemingly a winning lead in the 2024 Presidential stakes.  It’s all… Continue reading Trouble Among the Old Folk

Corbynista Rides Again

1 February 2024 Corbynista Rides Again Still No Ceasefire by Don Urquhart 9 December 2023 The Guardian reported on events at the United Nations: The US vetoed a United Nations resolution calling for a ceasefire late on Friday, despite a dramatic warning from António Guterres that civil order was breaking down and the risk of a mass… Continue reading Corbynista Rides Again


1 February 2024 Asante Age of empires. By Neil Tidmarsh Gold artefacts made by brilliantly skilled Asante craftsmen hundreds of years ago are going back to Ghana after one and a half centuries in English museums. Last week the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum announced the signing of an agreement which will… Continue reading Asante

Democracy in Action

1 February 2024 Democracy in Action The debate. By Robert Kilconner I really cannot remember who it was or exactly what they said. Some Tory, I suppose. Either a politician or a newspaper or some other member of the Conservative diaspora. What is more I am not going to spend time looking for it because… Continue reading Democracy in Action

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