Issue 111: 2017 06 29: Contents

29 June 2017: Issue 111

The week’s news –

your chance to catch up:

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Scholar’s Sleeves by John Watson

The recognition of talent.

Back To Basics by J R Thomas

The Tories’ dilemma.

Corbyn’s Glastonbury Triumph by R D Shackleton

And how this could backfire.

Infinite Outcomes For A Finite Life by Frank O’Nomics

Seeking a solution for retirement planning.

Believe Me by Lynda Goetz

Eddie Izzard and LGBT teaching.

A Kink In China’s New Silk Road by Neil Tidmarsh

‘One Belt, One Road’ bypasses India.


Gastro-Physics by Chin Chin

Matching food with ideas.

Post-Election Diary of a Corbynista by Don Urquhart



Ink (by James Graham)

at The Almeida

reviewed by Adam MacCormack.

Puzzles, Cartoons and Calendar

Cartoons by AGGro.

Crossword by Boffles: “China”.

Solution to the last crossword “Heroes and Notables”.

What’s on in June 2017 by AGGro

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