Issue 106: 2017 05 25: Contents

25 May 2017: Issue 106


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The Care Blunder by John Watson

The need for Jekyll and Hyde.

It’s Behind You by J R Thomas

Politicians should watch their back.

“I Don’t Understand Anything Anymore” by Richard Pooley

Where do French voters now stand; to the Right or to the Left?

The Only Way Is Ethics by Frank O’Nomics

Investors with a conscience can reap additional rewards.

It’s My Party by Neil Tidmarsh

I’m the leader, I’m the leader…

Propaganda and Lies by R D Shackleton

How can we combat “Fake News”?


Bath Brouhaha Prompts A Look At Rubbish And Recycling by Lynda Goetz

Global recycling day scheduled for 18 March 2018.

My Nobel Prize by Chin Chin

Thank goodness for the ban on cultural appropriation.


The Magic Flute

The Kings Head, Islington.

reviewed by John Watson

Puzzles Cartoons and Calendar

Cartoons by AGGro.

Crossword by Boffles: “Leisure Activities”.

Solution to the last crossword “Opera Festival”.

What’s on in June 2017 by AGGro

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