Issue 103: 2017 05 04: Contents

04 May 2017: Issue 103

Invitation to readers

Albion Pub mashup of images from the interior, showing diners, garden tables and the front signAs the Shaw Sheet has now been running for almost two years, we are reviewing its content and form with a view to making improvements.  The editors will be meeting to discuss this with any readers who would like to join them at the Albion Pub, 10 Thornhill Rd, Islington, London N1 1HW on Thursday 4 May at 1pm.  Do come along.

The week’s news

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Et Après? by Richard Pooley

Is France ready for a messiah?

EU To Win In France? by John Watson

Nemesis in numbers.

All Quiet by J R Thomas

The silent campaign.

What To Do About The Triple Lock? by Frank O’Nomics

A fairer way to find additional spending.

Israel And The Syrian Civil War by Neil Tidmarsh

A delicate balancing act.


Hidden Gems by Lynda Goetz

A short London walk with detours.

Death In Oxford by Chin Chin

A question of aggression.

Fading Icons: Modernism by J R Thomas

Architecture moves on.


The Ferryman (by Jez Butterworth)

The Royal Court

reviewed by Adam McCormack

David Hockney – 60 Years Of Work

Tate Britain

reviewed by William Morton

Sex In The Sea (by Marah J Hardt)

published by St Martin Press

Reviewed by Neil Dunlop

Puzzles Calendar and Cartoons

Cartoons by AGGro.

Crossword by Boffles: “Rhyme Time”

Solution to the last crossword “Down To The Pub”

May calendar by AGGro

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