Issue 19: 2015 09 10:INTERNATIONAL NEWS

10 September 2015 Week in Brief:INTERNATIONAL NEWS     AFGHANISTAN: Thirteen Shia Muslims were murdered in Balkh province. The Taliban have condemned the attack and have blamed it on Isis. In-fighting among the Taliban has broken out as break-away factions challenge the power of its new leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, and some defect to Isis.… Continue reading Issue 19: 2015 09 10:INTERNATIONAL NEWS

Issue 9: 2015 07 02:overseas news

2 July 2015 Week in Brief: INTERNATIONAL NEWS   GREECE: Alexis Tsipras rejected the EU’s final deal on economic reform. Consequently, further bail-out funds were withheld so Greece failed to pay the 1.6 billion euros due to the IMF this week. Tsipras announced a referendum for this Sunday so Greece can vote for or against the austerity… Continue reading Issue 9: 2015 07 02:overseas news

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